Lurking Variable

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In 1947, 13 out of 15 Congressmen (one absent in voting, one jawaharlal nehru voted for himself) voted Sardar Patel to be the First PM of Free India but Jawaharlal Nehru threatened Gandhi that he will break the congress if he doesn't become PM himself. Gandhiji came under pressure since breaking of congress at that crucial time could mean delay in getting freedom from british which was scheduled for 15th august. So He persuaded everyone in the party and ensured Nehru becomes First PM, whom hardly anyone liked in congress that time.

That was a Lurking Variable 65 years back, which badly changed the focus and course of the nation. India got freedom, but all those changes every nationalist wanted to implement once free, remained in dreams only. Even after Freedom, India crawled like pre-independent one.

Today, again we have a Lurking Variable in waiting whose outcome time alone can tell, which this video talks about.

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