How to Upgrade Laptop's Memory (RAM)

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Most Laptop's or Desktop's Motherboards Use 3 types of Memories. You can check which type is used earlier and add more memory module of same type to increase the memory or ram of your Desktop or Laptop.

Older Laptops have DDR Memory, Little older ones use DDR2 Memory and Latest Laptops Use DDR3 Memory. Refer to your laptops manual to check what type of memory is used in your laptop
Google your laptop model for memory type
take out the old memory and match images of laptop memory type in google images
show it to our executive to give you equivalent memory type.

After you have got the memory module to be added to your laptop, You just have to add it to the empty memory slot of your laptop or desktop.

It is very easy to do it. This Video shows how to do it on your laptop.