Hard Reality

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You may not believe this happened to 3.5 lakh Indians just 22 years ago

Kashmiri Pundits - A 100% Litrate community of 3.5 Lakh Indians - Descendents of 5000 year old culture of Kashmir - were forced to leave their homes and vacate their native state on Gun Point on 19th January 1990. An Audio Tape was played on All the Mosques, after that thousands of kashmiri muslims came out on the streets - burned the houses belonging to the pundits - Open instigating propaganda by then pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto on TV Channels ensured total anarchy.

Thousands of Kashmiri Pandits were killed and over 300 thousands men, women and children left kashmir - became refugee in their own country. Indian Government, Human Rights Activists and all other Indians kept quiet. Everyone is still mum even after 12 years of the continuous torture they are bearing. Life or Death of these un-united and peace living soft indians seems to have not mattered at all. See this video for the horrible story which surely will shake you up.