Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Titbits from MSI B450/X570/TRX40 motherboards
  2. I want to buy an assembled PC, how do i go about it?
  3. What upgrade do i do to speed up my old desktop pc and laptop ?
  4. Will the GTX1050 Ti Mini DDR5 4GB graphics card support the Intel i5 3rd Gen PC ?
  5. I want to buy new computer, how do I buy from your website ?
  6. What if the item i receive is not proper, wrong model? Is there any return/ refund policy?
  7. What is the UPS of a computer? How does it work?
  8. Why You recommend not to buy Small capacity Hard disk like 160gb, 250gb, 320gb or 500gb ?
  9. I am interested in a product on your website but before i buy I want more information about it, have some technical questions to be clarified first.
  10. I want a product listed over here, is it available in stock ?
  11. What are the accessories included with various products, how do we know list of contents?
  12. Why are Computer Cabinets listed without smps?
  13. Why SSD ? SSD Vs. HDD - Benefits and Advantages of SSD over Hard Disc !
  14. I have selected a laptop but I want It's HDD be upgraded to a SSD ? I want RAM also to be increased - What shall I do ?
  15. What is the difference between a Windows / Dos / Ubuntu Laptop ? Which One Should I Buy ?
  16. Why are the prices more than other websites like amazon snapdeal or flipkart ?
  17. What is The Meaning and Importance of Generation in Desktop and Laptop Processors ?
  18. Which is The Best Laptop for Gaming? What Games Can I play on a high end gaming laptop?
  19. Is The Shipping Free ?
  20. I Want A Good Gaming pc With Low Price, How Much is The Price of Gaming PC ?
  21. I am planning to buy a PC and would like to pick it from the store after 2-3 days. Will all components available when i visit ? Shall i send an email or speak to someone over phone ?
  22. How do I buy on EMI's ?
  23. What is the Warranty of the products You sell?
  24. How to increase laptop battery life? How can I maximize the performance of my laptop battery?
  25. How do I decide on which components are good or better than others ? How do I decide the best buys.
  26. What is the difference between A Scanner inbuilt in MFP (Multi Function Printer) and A Dedicated Scanner
  27. I Want to buy a PC, will you assemble it for me ?
  28. What about shipping charge and which courier service do you use?
  29. I Wanted Version xxx of a specific Product, could you confirm if it is the same as on your web store ?
  30. How Much Time will it take to ship my order to My Location ?
  31. What is the Difference between OEM and Boxed Versions of Various Computer Products ?
  32. I want to order products from but first i want a Quotation ?
  33. I am looking for Products ABC and XYZ which i don't find it on your website, do you have them?
  34. I have placed an order, You have mentioned that the prices are volatile. So if there is a drop in my favour, will I get it?
  35. why is there an additional charge of 2.5% if I swipe my card at your store? No other store charges extra? Isn't it illegal?
  36. I am interested in this product, I am from Bangalore, can I come directly and check the product in your store? I just want to make sure this is working well with my laptop connection and good picture quality.
  37. I will need to buy a lot of products from you, I however am a bit apprehensive about it because of some problems with few other e-stores. kindly tell me as how the things proceed after i select products and deposit the amount in the bank...
  38. What is the Stock Position of Product .... ? Is this product available in stock ?? How many days do we have to wait after we book this product ??
  39. How to Place an Order on Website? How to Buy?
  40. How can i make payments? How to pay?
  41. What if i want to deposit cash in you bank account instead of IMPS, RTGS or NEFT ?
  42. Will I be Charged by bank also for using IMPS, RTGS or NEFT ?
  43. What is the Difference among GooglePay, UPI, RTGS, IMPS or NEFT ?
  44. How do i compare AMD and Intel CPU's, there are so many CPU's - Which one shall i buy?
  45. My DVD Writer is not reading DVD's and CD's. What do it do?
  46. How do i Change a Component of a Ready Configuration PC?
  47. Are The Prices Fixed or Negotiable?
  48. What is the difference between Dual core, Core-i3, i5, i7, FX, Fusion and so on? which one to buy ?
  49. Are these Items Ready in Stock? What If I place an order and I don't get it? Can I walk in the Store and buy?
  50. I want to Upgrade my PC. What do i do?
  51. Are the Prices mentioned for Real? Are they including VAT and shipping charges ?
  52. Can I Repair My PC Myself?
  53. Do You Know How to Switch off My PC? It is still giving shocks, it is alive after i turn it off?
  54. Will Memory Upgrade Boost My PC Performance for Sure ?
  55. Why Am i Recommended to Use Memory in Pairs ?
  56. How Far Can I Keep My Monitor From the PC Box?
  57. What is FSB?
  58. What Frequency of VGA Splitter is suitable for me?
  59. What Should I buy - a Desktop PC or Laptop PC ?
  60. Are COMPUTERS Necessity or Luxury ? Why have they become so Important?

MSI B450/X570/TRX40 motherboards are having BIOS flash backs Function ....means now,you don't need a cpu / ram to update the BIOS

There are Two Steps and You have A System (PC) of Your Choice Up and Running Smoothly on Your Desktop.

1. Select Components
2. Assemble The PC
(Do it Yourself, Get it Assembled by a friend or Ask us to do it)

1. Select Components

Use these pages to select, add components to your cart. You shall find enough help to do so, You can do it easily even if you are a novice.

2. Assemble The PC

Do it Yourself

Watch You tube videos on topic "how to assemble a computer" till you are confident enough to do it yourself. It is a Learning Experience that not only enrich you but also makes you Independent.

Let someone do it if you are not comfortable or don't have interest or time for the same. Look around for a friend or ask us to do it professionally.

Get it Assembled by a friend

You may ask your tech savvy friend if he would build the system for you. You may save some money and spend some quality time with your friend this way.

Get it Done by a Professional

You can get it done by Professional Engineers who do the job in The Best Manner Possible. We also do it for you. Our Engineers do the job using the best of assembling techniques, do structured cabling, Load Management, Check for Smooth Airflow apart from various minute tasks that are involved in the process.

We take 2-3 days to assemble the system for you. You need to plan it accordingly. We often come across instances that customer walks in, selects components and wants it assembled then and there. This is okay for an entry level basic PC but not for the Good Builds which are more commonly sold now-a-days.

Remember, it takes skills of a professional to build a System well and Good professionals are more busy people than what you may imagine them to be.

Most Importantly, Upgrade your HDD to SSD. SSD is theoretically 12 times faster than a normal HDD and when you replace HDD with SSD the workflow of your system speeds up by say around 3 times. So your same configuration will work like a next level machine, i3 will work like an i5 machine.

You may use such HDD externally on USB port using a Casing OR you may add it back in your desktop or laptop as secondary storage disk. You may use the DVD Drive Space in a Laptop to do so.

Secondly, Add more memory Stick, giving larger table space to your virtual desktop will enable it to handle files and operations in a more fluid manner and you will notice an improved performance.

Thirdly, Get it serviced. Dust is poison for your chips inside. Removing them will increase your machines life and keep it cooler and more efficient. Add Thermal Paste to your CPU and make it Cooler.

Lastly, Fragment Files your Disks, Remove old unwanted and temporary files and do away with unused programs to free up space and make then work better internally.

You can actually use any Graphics card in any PC, regardless of it being outdated or the latest one. GPUs that we get for last 6–8 years are all based on PCI express slot and they need the same slot to support, in most machines it is there yet to may reconfirm before you actually buy the card.

There are more options than MINI in GTX1050Ti Range - you may consider opting for a better stronger card than MINI - check out various models with prices over here ..

However, you shall check your smps wattage and compatibility with the card beforehand.

You Shall find a Link named "Build Your PC Yourself" on right hand side top corner of the homepage, this link will take you The Page "Build Your PC or a Small Network Yourself" and you can now start configuring your PC yourself.

This page provides you various options of The Type of PC that you want to build and a few tips to get started. Read This page carefully and select one of the various options provided and the related component's (Processors) page will load with Prices.

Select the processor that you want to buy for your pc, add this to your cart. You may add 2 or more also if you are not sure (Remove unwanted later) and scroll south the page to find a link to go to next component.

Select next component in the same fashion that you selected the processor, then go the next page and keep selecting all the components that you want to Add to your PC Configuration.

Add more than one of any / all components if you are not able to decide immediately, you can always remove unwanted ones from your cart later.

Finally, Open your cart, do whatever changes that you wish to do and submit the order. If you have any doubts, mention that in "The Order Comments Box" in the checkout page. You may also mention if you want all the order as components or duly assembled.

You will not be asked to do any payment at this stage, On Submission of the order, First we will confirm the order, do changes if required, seek your approval and if you are okay, we will ask you to Pay and on receipt the order shall process.

We are a very small shop, monitor every step of logistics from our end, do proper packaging hence we do not face any damaged cases. we ensure correct item is shipped, case where we shipped a wrong product never happened also, hence question of refund do not arise.

However, if something like that happens then we will be more eager to rectify our mistake, replace the item or refund, as the case may be.

UPS is Power Backup for your PC, when your mains power goes off, PC takes power from The UPS and when mains comes back it switches back to Mains. UPS is very Similar to Your Home Inverter but provides superior quality of power for your PC than a normal inverter.

UPS comes in various ratings, A 600VA (330Watts) or 1KVA (660Watts) are common. When buying a UPS you shall check your PC’s SMPS capacity and Use a higher capacity UPS for your PC.

Basic UPS supports upto 330Watts hence if Your PC SMPS is 250/300 Watts - this one is Okay to buy. 550Watts SMPS shall use a 1KVA UPS which supports 630/660 Watts load.

These are the UPS pages over here

Stocks of Hard Drives of Upto 1TB i.e., 500gb and lesser capacity Drives are all refurbished, Not New. That means the failure ratio of these drives are high, which is not good. Manufacturing of low capacity drives stopped long ago, occasionally, we get 500gb new stocks but most of the times it is refurbished, hence not recommended.

New Hard Drives are all 1Tb onwards. One more important point is that the price difference between NEW 1Tb and NEW 500Gb drives is not much. It is also recommended to go for a small capacity SSD instead of HDD if your budget can accommodate.

You get "An Order Comment" Text Box in the checkout page while submitting your order for all your doubts or clarifications that you may seek about the product on order. You will get an official reply to your questions and doubts and finally on your confirmation only the order will be processes. You are free to drop the order anytime during this process. All this happens before you pay for the order.

The Best way to confirm the stock position is to place the order. You don't have to pay immediately after placing the order, We confirm the order after you submit, confirm stocks and price, add applicable shipping cost and revert back to you with exact status for you to approve. On your approval order is processed, now you will be required to pay and we will execute the order.

You shall find a link on product page which shall lead you to the products webpage on the Brand owners, vendors website where you may check authenticated information, specifications, Images etc. about that product.

The link may say something like this ..
"Check This Product at it's Manufacturer Website for Images, Specifications and more"

Good number of low cost Cabinets will come with SMPS but we break them and make separate entries like "cabinet without smps" and "smps" so that the customer has a choice of picking cabinet of one brand and smps of another. This is significant since in good number of cases the default smps which comes with cabinet is not good enough. You can decide the quality and model of smps separately - you may select the default one also if you wish.
For example, you may select an iball cabinet and corsair smps for your computer.

Any PC, Laptop or Desktop, is basically a Computing Gadget. This Gadget takes Input - Process it - and Gives Output. This Flow of Input - Processing - Output is Cyclic and The Entire Process Rotates Millions of Times within a matter of Few Seconds. Components that play the main role in this process are - CPU RAM and HDD (or SSD if available).

The CPU and RAM work at extremely high speeds as compared to HDD which makes the Entire Flow of DATA in The Process halts (or slow downs ) when HDD's Turn comes to play it's role. At times, such tasks even que up for HDD to process it.

SSD is about 10-12 times faster than HDD. Performance SSD may go as high as 20 or more times faster than a standard HDD. Thus If you replace HDD with SSD - The Whole process picks up momentum dramatically. This increases The Overall Performance of Any Desktop or Laptop by around 2-4 Times.

CPU Uses Ram to Communicate Which file is Required from HDD and HDD fetches that files and gives it to CPU. Most of such files sought by CPU are related with the operating system (windows or linux) or application software ( MS Office, Photoshop etc.).

In Case, You have SSD in The PC or The Laptop, It shall be configured as primary storage ( C: Drive ) - which is the default location of - all operating system and application software files.

You can have SSD and HDD together in any PC - You can have more than One of both of them also.

You may consider to buy one Grade Lower CPU and ADD at least ONE SSD of even the lowest capacity AND You will find the overall performance of The PC or Laptop better than The Two Three Grades Higher CPU with HDD combination. for example, i3+SSD may perform better than i5+SSD for the purpose of understanding.

We will upgrade the laptop and deliver it to you duly upgraded as per your requirement. Just let us know what you want it to be upgraded for. You may use "Order Comment Text Box" in The Checkout Page and let us know the details. We will modify the order accordingly and on your approval we will take the process forward.

Windows, Dos or Ubuntu are basically operating systems, software part of the laptop. It is just that Genuine Windows Come at a Price ( say around Rs.5000) So Laptops with Windows Pre-loaded are a few thousands more expensive than the laptops which do not come with windows pre-loaded.

You may buy Dos / Ubuntu Laptops and Load Windows that you might already have, this way you may save some cost. However, Buying a laptop with pre-loaded windows may save you those 30 minutes that it takes to do the job.

And If your application is not that dependent on Windows platform you may be okay using Ubuntu ( or any other linux based OS ) as well and that way you may save some cost plus simultaneously say good bye to Bill Gates.

In Short, Any laptop is compatible with Any Operating System. Buy Any Laptop and If pre-loaded operating system is not what you want, Change it to your requirement.

We offer Lowest prices when you compare our products with un-compromised products – we sell only proper stocks while you never know what you will end up getting from these online marketplaces. Our Price is Lower than their or Their Price is Lower than Ours is always Secondary. More Important is If The Product is Genuine or Not.

We keep our little margin and sell only genuine products as released by the vendors directly without doing any changes as practiced by many – you may google experiences of many people. Many people working in these marketplaces also buy from us. When it comes to their personal money - they prefer to spend a bit more and buy un-compromised quality product.

These marketplaces are sitting on Huge Funds (FDI) - Deep Pockets and intentions to somehow - ethically or otherwise - capture Indian market share - People selling over there Sell what is profitable and these market places employ highly qualified marketing personnel who are skilled to manipulate and show off.

We are a very small Brick and Mortar store operating from Bangalore from 1995 and for us profitability and our customer experience both are important. We do not have the financial muscle or intentions also to Use Shortcuts and Capture Market Share. Our Market Share Depends on Our Customers Satisfaction Levels - When You Buy from Us and You are Happy - Our Job is Done - And That is Precisely What Our Focus is At.

Generation in Context of Computer CPU or Microprocessor

Research and Development is a continuous process for the microprocessor chip makers, mainly Intel and AMD. The Architecture and Capabilities hence achieved are Packaged and Released as New Version called Generation. One Generation consist of Work of 2-3 years which generally released as The Next Generation which is generally a numeral.

Currently, as of August 2017 - Most AMD CPU Models are Running 7th Generation while Intel has released 7th Generation CPU Range in First Quarter of 2017.

Whenever you buy a desktop or a Laptop, It is always recommended to buy Latest Generation CPU Based Model so that You take advantage of The Development and Progress of The Technology even if you have to spend 20-30% extra for the same. Buying Older Generation CPU Based Laptop or Desktop is Like Buying Already Outdated Technology Today, which has already phased out and is not up-to-date.

As A Rule of Thumb - "Laptop Gaming" is Cosmetic - Unreal - Fake - NameSake

Game Hard means Desktop
Laptop even so called gaming laptop is just a Toy for someone just started :-)
Those who know - No option but a Properly Configured DESKTOP
Disappointing :-) Yet a FACT

What Games Can I play on a high end gaming laptop?

Very Few of Real Games - pleanty of elementary ones :-) at Elementary Level.
When You will Scaling yourself your will find INSUFFICIENT RESOURCES.
Laptops Cannot bear the HEAT generated by Games when they ARE Throttling - as simple as that.
Go for a Desktop if Gaming is What You are Really Looking For.
Laptops are for Portability - Real Gaming Laptops are As Bulky As Desktops and You Spend A Sky to Own Them - Their Life is Short - Their Batteries Are not available after 2-3 years - You SPEND THEM Fast.
Gaming Means Desktops.

It depends on the contents of your order, You might get Free Shipping or Pay for it nominally, in any case, You get to know about it before you pay for your order.

Price Range of a PC - any PC - is always very flexible - what matters is The Quality or Capacity of Components. Check This Range .. and This Range .. for various configurations and to make your own combination - check this builder link ..

Prices and Stock levels of most of the products are Very Volatile. More volatile when Rupee and Dollar are not in good terms, when their market values fluctuate significantly and often. Given these conditions prevail, most of the time, it is advised to list out what exactly you are planning to buy.

Best Practice

- To do that - using - will be

- Place an online order, to ensure all components stocks and prices are confirmed. Do this 1-2 days in advance. If you do 3 or more days in advance, chances are position may again change.

- After your order is confirmed by ( Order status changes to "Stocks available" or "Order Ready pick" )

- Either
a) immediately do a fund transfer - partial if not full, you can always pay balance later. By doing this you secure your order and pick at your convenience. Products and Prices in the order get freezed.

- OR
b) Arrange to pick your order within a few hours.

* Sending an email with list of components and getting a reply as practiced commonly also gets the job done, but it is quiet cumbersome. You again have to maintain a seperate list. Online order, is just like a Dynamic Bill of Material till you are okay with it.

* Calling over phone, stating your requirement, waiting for prices, noting them down over phone, maintaining a list on paper or excel, incorporate changes manually ..... It's tiring and more time consuming.

* You can also take a printout to be used as quotation or proforma invoice from your end itself. You can email it to concerned authorities for their approvals, share with your friends for their suggestion on your new Rig and much more. All this without having to ask anyone to send you a Quote !!

** We are not suggesting you to stop sending us Requests for Quotes over mail or stop calling us over phone. These are Just suggestions, if you are comfortable, it's okay, if not, then also it's okay. Do send us emails, Do Call us upon for anything and everything in IT :-) We are there for that, always, as ever. doesn't provide EMI facility for online payments, however, If you swipe Master / Visa Credit Card on Your visit to the store, You can ask your card issuing bank to convert the swiped amount to EMI. You may contact your banker for more details.

HDFC Card Holders Can Get Instant EMI without any paper work. You will need to visit us personally to avail this facility.

Warranty of the products sold at bwindia

is owned by the respective vendors / Manufacturers and provided through their service facilities across India and / or Worldwide, as the case may be, as per their rules and regulations.

Warranty Period of the product can be spotted on it's page, under The Name Title. Vendors website can be referred to for specific details about what is covered and not covered under warranty for any particular brand or product line.

Generally speaking, All monitors come with 3 years onsite warranty, All UPS's come with 2 years onsite warranty, HDDs, memories carry 2 years warranty, Corsair Memories carry upto 10 Years warranty, G.skill Memories come with 3 to 5 years warranty.

What do i do when i want to avail service / replacement under warranty ?

Most IT Brands have their service centers in Most of Indian Cities, Towns. Around 400 IT Brands and around 300 Indian Cities / Towns makes it a list of around 120,000 service centers on all india basis. Their addresses and contact details keep changing. You may google the latest contact details or contact us - when you need them.

When you face any issue with the product you purchase, email us or call us upon with details of your purchase, particularly bill number and it's date. We in-turn will provide you the contact details of nearest service center to your location where you can get the faulty product serviced / replaced under warranty.

In few rare cases, you might have to ship the product back to us to bangalore, bearing the shipping cost yourself, if there is no service center in your location for the product or some other reason.

IT products generally get outdated and discarded by the owner before they develop a fault, provided they are handled with care. Good Power, Regular maintenance (blowing dust off the box with a blower or vacuum cleaner), Keep Screws and cables tight and stable (shack or shock free) placement is all your PC box and other components expect from You - to perform consistently.

On Call Service, Maintenance or Annual Maintenance / Service Contracts

are available for Bangalore for which you may raise an inquiry with us.

There are several steps you can take to help you get maximum performance from your laptop battery:

Prevent the Memory Effect - Keep the laptop battery healthy by fully charging and then fully discharging it at least once every two to three weeks. Exceptions to the rule are Li-Ion batteries which do not suffer from the memory effect.

Keep the laptop Batteries Clean - It's a good idea to clean dirty battery contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. This helps maintain a good connection between the battery and the portable device.

Exercise the Battery - Do not leave the battery dormant for long periods of time. We recommend using the battery at least once every two to three weeks.

Battery Storage - If you don't plan on using the laptop battery for a month or more, store it in a clean, dry, cool place away from heat and metal objects. NiCad, NiMH and Li-Ion batteries will self-discharge during storage; remember to recharge the batteries before use.

First and Foremost we can google the product we wish to buy and check it's reviews or what others experience about the component you wish to buy. You may also post your queries on any of technical forums and get replies from other users.

Second You can check this link .. and compare benchmarks or various components on how they tested on standard conditions.

Next You can ask your techie friends who can give you advise and tips suitable for your needs.

Then, You may ask us, but our knowledge is limited since we don't use or test most of the products we sell, but we have valuable feedback which sometimes can help you.

When it comes to a Scanner or a AIO/multifunction printer (MFP) to meet your scanning needs, you can ask one basic question that will help you to decide - "What are you scanning" ?

Generally, the items on scanning to-do list will determine why you shall require a Scanner. If your need to scan multi-page documents or two-sided documents on a regular basis, as most accounting, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Audit firms do, a dedicated document scanner is a must choice. Although it's easy to find MFPs with automatic document feeders, its lacks scanning both sides of a page at the same time, or scan as quickly as a document scanner ( Like SJ 7500, SJ 8270, SJ 9120, SJ 6350).

Other considerations would be:

* If the need is for volume scan output( Anything beyond 100 pages per day) you should consider DMS scanner( Like SJ7000,SJ7500, SJ8270,SJ 9000,SJ9120) which is designed to meet high volume document scanning. MFP's perform much slow scanning in compare to a dedicated DMS scanner.

* If the need is to scan transparencies, your best bet is a film scanner or a flatbed photo scanner with a transparency adaptor(SJ 4010,4050,8300).

* If the need is to scan high resolution image, the best bet is Photo scanner (Like SJ 8300, SJ 4010, SJ4050). MFP's lacks in scanning high resolution images.

Yes, We do it. You may ask us to assemble The PC and Ship and you can start working on it immediately on arrival, out of the box.

You May Assemble Your PC Yourself (It's Fun, Learning and Most Popular)
See Video on assembling a PC

Shipping is calculated manually and updated in the order after you submit your order. This helps us to quantify the cost exactly and offer customers the lowest possible order total.

We have our own delivery network for Bangalore and utilize various Couriers, Transporters, logistic Operators for rest of India. Fedex, India Post, GATI are few of the many used depending on the destination and our past experience and their expertise / service in the specific region.

Generally, You get the Latest Version of the product within a reasonable time of it's launch, however, confirming it is always safer to avoid any confusion at any later point.

You May Place an order with the product selected from the web store and specify YOUR Desired Version. We will ensure the product we ship matches with your requirement.

Confirming casually beforehand using comments or otherwise can be avoided, since these finer details are prone to mishandling and misunderstanding - must be handled in a set protocol and only when you are ready to buy if requirements match.

It also creates unrelated data between version mentioned in comments and products actual current version.

It takes about 1-2 days to Ship the Order and Once Shipped It takes around 2-3 days for Metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc. while Major Towns it gets in 3-5 days, remote areas takes anything around 4-10 days.

This Answer has Two Perspectives --

1. For Softwares : OEM Versions are generally meant to be bought when you buy / assemble a new PC. They are locked with the system you buy, later you cannot use the same software serial number with another PC even if you have removed it from the Previous PC. They are generally lesser Price wise, You are supposed to buy a Retail Box Product of the software if you are going to install it in an existing PC. Retail Version, You may, at your wish, Switch PC's as well, i.e., You may remove the software from one pc and install it on another. This is a generic answer, to give you an idea of the differentiation points in general. For the Correct definitions and terms .. You must refer to specific "terms of use document" of the software you intend to buy or install on the vendors website or from the media you get along.

2. For Hardware Products : OEM Versions are generally the same hardware but packed in bulk to reduce the packing and shipping cost by vendors. They are preferred if you are comfortable and understand what you are buying, sure of it's authenticity and have no doubt that the product is altered or fiddled with. There is no reason to buy a retail product when OEM is cheaper since you will be removing it's packaging and then installing it anyway. At the same time, if you doubt the originality of the product or if you do not trust the vendor, it is better that you go for Retail Box product only.

You may simply
e-mail us to Request a Quotation
or You can Print an online quotation.

You can take Printout of a Quotation online within minutes by following this procedure.

1. Select the Items in Cart by clicking their respective "Add to Cart" or "buy" button.

2. click to 'Checkout' option in iTerials Cart on left hand top of your screen.

3. Login The website if you have not already logged. Register if you are doing it for the first time then login. To add a new address for the order, Edit it in the order directly in checkout page or Add a New Address from your profile through "My Account" >> Addresses Tab

4. Select Address, Payment and Shipping option and Add "for Quotation Purpose only" in Order Comments.

5. Click "Review Cart" to open order review page, Check everything is fine and click "Submit Order for discounts etc.".

6. Your order is placed, on next screen you will get order number and a link to check your order, click on this link.

7. Select "Printable Invoice" to open another window with Printable Invoice to take a Printout. You can also send it as an email to yourself.

8. We will not take any action on this order of yours till you get necessary approval and revert back to us to confirm the order.

9. You can access this order anytime later as well from My Account Orders Tab from Your navigation menu (under your user name)

10. All quotations / new or old orders - are available to you in full detail, from anywhere in the world you login from :-)


Kindly submit the products you don't find on website using "Hunted Products" link on your left. Stock Query could be answered quickly in a few minutes sometimes but quiet number of times it takes much longer than that. A Product May be lying in Ready Stock, or In stock with the Distributor which we can source in due course of time. Responding to a products availability status is a Process which calls special focus, resources and time and can take a few minutes to days or weeks to get a proper response, hence such special queries need specific attention which "Hunted Products" provides. Site comments, email or telephonic requests may not be that effective in such cases.

You can Refer to another FAQ if You have found the product on the website but want to know if it is in stock or not.

No for Minor Changes and Yes for Major Changes. Once You Place the order, We Lock Those Prices for you, for Minor Changes. Do not increase or decrease them if cost has little variation. But Ask You To Pay Revised Price, More or Less, if The Variation is Major.

Generally, Vendors Add Card Swipe Charges to The Price They Sell Products at. In Such a Case, Factually, You Pay Swipe Charge, Every time You Buy !! Regardless of You Remitting Cash or something else but Card. Most of them will Sell at M.R.P. so they have enough Cushion to absorb Card Charge.

When You know that you are Charged when You Swipe, You Can Save it by choosing other free payment options like UPI or google pay.

It makes a Big Saving particularly When the Bill Value goes in Lacs. The Benefit when it is Charged Transparently is that for Small Values, You don't mind paying x percentage extra and Save the same when it matters.

Most Products Work Well with Desktops and Laptops, if in doubt specifically, it is advised to visit respective brands website and check for compatibility details.

Since we Provide Most of The Products In Sealed State as we Get From The Vendor and Do Not Demonstrate them before or after you buy them. However, You Can Open the Product Box after You Buy, to ensure it is in Physically Good Condition, testing can be avoided.

In some cases, Products come with their seals open, but as a matter of Practice, We do not expect you to open them as well, before You actually made the Purchase.

This ensures, necessary manuals, CD's, cables remain intact in their respective Packaging, as they arrive from Vendors Factories.

After you place an order, we will check availability of the products, order status will change to "Availability check" and you will get an "Order Update" e-mail notifying you the order status. If All products are available you will get confirmation asking you to Transfer funds against the order - the order status will change to "Payment Awaited", followed by a notification e-mail.

This is the time you should remit funds. Reply to the e-mail you are receiving with details of the payment you have remitted. Once we receive your email, order status changes to "Payment confirmation awaited" and subsequently order statuses are "Payment Received", "Processing", "Order ready to ship", "Order shipped" and Finally "Completed".

The Best way to know the stock position of the product is by placing an order for it. When You Place The Order, You Do Not Pay until We Confirm The Stocks are available. When You Place The Order, The Order Satus Goes to "Availability Check" Status - when We Confirm Stocks are available - Order Status Changes to "Payment Awaited" - That is When You Pay for Your Order - After Confirmation of The Stocks Affirmative.

Each and Every Order is Checked for Stocks and Price before it is Due for You to Pay for it. You know exactly what you are getting, when you will get it and how much you will pay for the entire deal - Before You Pay.


Important Information for iTerials Shoppers

A Must Read to Get Most Out of BWindia and Have a Wonderful Online Shopping Experience

# Un-Like other online stores, You Do Not Need A Credit Card to Buy anything at - You Do not pay after you place the Order - You Pay after we confirm if the stocks are available and submit you the total final cost including shipping and Finally If you are comfortable - You Pay and We Ship.

# The Prices on The Website are Expected Maximum Cost i.e., EMC to You which is nett. of GST and delivery ia addtional in most cases. The Prices are re-checked once you place an order and adjusted accordingly. You get a notification about such a change, if any, and on your approval of the changes only you will be required to initiate The Payment.

We work on every individual order and give you the lowest possible price.

Feel Free to mention any lower price that you are getting on any other website in "The Order Comments" Box in your checkout page.

We Do Not Ask You to Pay immediately after you place an order & You don't require a Credit Card as well.

Instead, After receiving your order, we re-check the stocks and Change The Order if required with Available Equivalent / Better Option that is available. We put in our experience and suggest you to switch over to a better model which may suit your requirement more appropriately.

Alongside, Acting on any Suggestions, Advise, Tip that you might have sought using "Order Comments" while placing The order is taken care and Order is Modified to incorporate necessary changes, You are Notified to Approve the changes before The Order is Finalized.

This Process ensures, You order is optimized enough to meet your requirement in the best possible manner and Your Money is Invested Properly.

After You Review the order and need no more changes and fully satisfied with what you are buying, The order status will change to "Payment Awaited", Now You may transfer funds by any of the means as specified here How To Pay

An Order at is Like Sharing Your Intention to Buy with BW. You Can select everything in a cart, submit it, we get it here, you call us, we open your order here and we discuss if contents of the order can be improved. Better Configuration, Lesser Price component, Yet Bigger Monitor or anything else that you want to incorporate in your order and Sync it to your taste, budget and needs.

An Order becomes a shared workplace for both of us and we use our experience to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Our Advise biased to an extent that Your Purchase shall meet your Requirement and fit in your budget as well.

We carry no understanding with any brand as far as selling their product is concerned, We sell All IT Brands, irrespective of their Quality, Price or Technological Dominance. If a product is cheap and not good quality, we do not hesitate to say so and leave it to you to buy it or drop. You can expect an unbiased view of our understanding and utilize it in your favor.

We will also recommend you to not to solely depend on our recommendation or advise. Google the product, check out reviews, benchmarks and your circle wherever necessary.

We strongly opine that You do not buy Expensive Gadgets everyday, so little delay in deciding shall be welcome, the outcome must be a Good Optimum Buy.

First Step : Select Product(s)
Select what you want to buy by Clicking on it's "Add to Cart" button. You will notice item being added to your 'ITerials Cart' on top left of the website. Default Quantity is One, change if you wish before you add it to the cart. repeat this step for all the products you want to buy and find them added to your cart.

Second Step : View Cart and Proceed to Checkout
Click on 'View Cart' link under 'ITerials Cart', Check everything is in order and Click on 'Checkout' button. You can remove if any product you don't want to buy. or go back to any other product to add to it. Then return back to 'view cart' or go directly to 'Checkout' page. If you are sure of what you have selected, you can straight click on 'Checkout' to Proceed to Checkout page where you will select shipping and payment option.

Third Step : Checkout
Select or Change Your e-mail, billing or shipping addresses. Add Vat Number if you a Dealer or a Reseller to take VAT Benefit. VAT number is not required to fill if you are a consumer and buying it for your personal or official use.

Select one of the Shipping Options. In most cases, You will select Free shipping if you want the product to be couriered or shipped to your address. In case, you wish to pick your order from our stores in Bangalore in Person or through some friend you can select the Option 'In-Store Pickup'.

Select One of the Payment Option which suits you most. You can check their details by selecting all the options one by one, and finally picking up one which is most convenient.

Optionally Place any 'Order Comments' in the Space provided to give specific instructions pertaining to the order or to any clarifications, details that you may seek.

Optionally Use Customer Service Information to select one of the options, if you wish to, and Click at 'Review Order' in the bottom of the page.

Review Your Order details and Selections you made at 'Review Cart' Page and finally Click On "Submit Order to Confirm Availability & Price" button to Place your Order.

You will get a messsage "Your Order Submission is complete! Your order number is xxx." This Message indicates successful completion of the Ordering Process.

Now We will Check the ordered products for their availability, Reconfirm Prices & do necessary changes, if applicable and Update The Order Status. You Will Get an e-mail notification on Every Significant Update.

If any modifications are required, we will do them and take your confirmation, If You are okay with changes, The Order stands confirmed. You may then either fund the order to get it delivered OR Visit the store to get it picked up. Bangalore Deliveries can additionally avail cash on delivery facility.

Read About Payments Options or How to Pay

Payment Methods - iTerials

1. Bank Transfer or Deposit

a. SCAN QR Code (UPI - Any of Hudreds of Apps like PayTM, BHIM etc.) - Simplest and Fastest Method


b. Online Banking
Transfer Funds using UPI / IMPS / NEFT / RTGS / Paytm / BHIM from Your Bank Account to Our Bank Account.

c. Deposit Cash
in Our Bank Account in the nearest branch of our bank.
We Do Not Have Cash on Delivery Option but if you want to pay in cash, You may deposit it in our Bank account

d. Legacy Banking
Check / Demand Draft / Money Order in favor of "iTerials, Bangalore" can be Posted to
"Binary World | iTerials, #G5, SRNG Sampanappa Complex, OTC Road, Opp. Sharada Theatre, Bangalore, India 560002".
Alternatively Cheque / DD can be deposited Directly in Our Bank Account.

Following are the details of Our Bank Account.

# Lakshmi Vilas Bank
Current Account Number : 0164360000007168
Account Type : Current
Account Name : "iTerials"
Bank Branch : City Market, Bangalore
IFSC Code : LAVB0000164

2. Debit or Credit Card

We do not have Online Gateway but You can use Credit Card to Fund your Bank of Wallet Account with PayTM / BHIM / GooglePay Account and then transfer money from Such Account to our bank account. You may Use the QR Code provided above to transfer funds without any cost involved, Free of Cost.

Card Facility is available for Walk in Customers at Our Store in Bangalore. Swiping a Card attracts additional Bank Transaction Fee.

You can do that. This method of bank deposit is the Simplest One. As Good As having a bank account in our banks. The Transfer transaction completes and confirms within few minutes.

This remains, One of the Best ways to Transfer funds instantly, at the same time, it attracts a bank charge in the checkout page. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to go for it or avoid it by opting for NEFT or other alternatives.

As per RBI Guidelines, Indian Banks cannot charge more than following to sender of funds using NEFT / RTGS / IMPS. However, few banks charge you certain nominal amount of Rs.25-Rs.50 depending on their internal policies. Most Banks are not charging anything for this service.

Up to One lac - Nil - No charges.
one lac to five lac - Rs.25 per transaction.
five lac and above - Rs.50 per transaction.

If You Intend to Transfer funds to Our Bank using NEFT/ RTGS / IMPS, you can use the payment method as "Check / moneyorder" in Checkout Page which does not attract any fee.

However, if you wish to deposit cash in our account, then you should select payment method as "Bank Deposit" for which a Nominal Fee is added in your order.

Launched recently in 2018, Based on UPI, Google Pay is The Latest Payment Gateway Service offered with an extremely easy to use interface and least value restrictions as generally noticed in other payment methods. As on March 2019, This is The Most Favorite method adapted by bwindia patrons to transfer funds.

Launched in 2006, UPI is a payment framework, a machanism upon which various apps are being build by various banks and institutions for their customers. BHIM, Google Pay are also based on UPI

Introduced in 2010, IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) had beeen the most favorite of online funds transfer methods until UPI was introduced. You Can use it to transfer money to any other bank, anytime (24 X 7), any day (including Holidays or Sundays) and Funds Actually Get Transferred Instantly, within seconds.

NEFT or RTGS are Legacy, outdated yet widely used online funds transfer methods, Introduced way back in 2004-2005 both of them are still popular even though more efficient UPI based methods are available today in 2019.

NEFT takes around 2-4 hours to actually transfer funds while RTGS does it almost instantly, but only within Working hours and does not operate on holidays. Generally, NEFT is used for Values up to 2 lac and RTGS for values above 2 lac.

Every CPU is Tested for it's performance and bench-marked by experts. Higher the PassMark, better the CPU. Divide Passmark with it's Selling Price and You Got Performance Per Rupee, which gives you fair amount of idea as to how much you want to spend and what you will get. Or Which CPU is Best for Your Requirement and Budget.

/" target="_blank">CPU Benchmarks

DVD Writers or any Optical Drive like DVD Players, CD Drives should be regularly cleaned using Lens cleaning kit which you may find at this link

If it doesn't help, it is better to replace it with a New One as the Cost of Repair of an Optical Drive could be somewhat near the Cost of New Piece itself.

Find New DVD Writers here

If you would like to change one or more components of any configuration, Just follow this three step process.

First - Select the configuration You want to Modify by clicking on "Add to Cart" Button.

Second - Open "ITerials Cart" by clicking "View Cart button on left top of your screen. Select the product you want to remove from the list displayed and select "Update Cart", You will have the product removed from the list.

Lastly - Browse the product You want to add to this configuration and click on it's "Add to Cart" Button.

You Have Successfully Changed the Configuration for the First Time. You can Now Go to Your "ITerials Cart" to See the details of Your New Configuration by clicking on "View Cart" under Iterials Cart on Left top of your screen.

Further, You Can Just Remove any or all of the Products You Want to change and Add the Product(s) You Want Included till You arrive at the Configuration of Your Choice or Budget.

How about playing around a bit. You Don't buy a PC everyday, what about going for Higher Capacity Hard disk Drive or Increasing Size of the monitor screen. How much will the total cost change? Let us work it out.

Suppose You Want 1tb Hard disk instead of 500gb as showing in a configuration you selected. Just Open the ITerials Cart after you adding the configuration to Cart - select check box before 500gb hdd - click Update Cart - 500gb Hdd is now removed. To Add 1tb hdd - go to it's page by selecting appropriate item from the menu on your left hand side bar - find the item 1tb hdd and click on "add to cart" - message will display that the item is added. You have done it.

You Can as well Make a New Configuration by clicking on "Add to Cart" Button on Your Desired Product from CPU, Motherboard, Harddisk, Monitor etc. groups to Make Your Own Configuration having all hand picked components of your choice in the Shopping Cart. Try This - You will Love it. After all It will be a Unique Combination selected by none else but You Yourself.

Click here to Build A PC Configuration from Scratch

They are Fixed. And Very Volatile. Volatile means they change very often and very quick. We Update them as Swiftly as Possible but we are also not perfect.

If you know of any Price change which is not reflecting in our prices - do let us know - for your own advantage and for the benefit of others who might be interested in that product.

Every CPU has n number of Cores. Minimum being One Core. Dual Core has Two. Likewise we can check how many cores that CPU, we are interested in, have.

As a rule of Thumb, More number of Cores, better the performance. More Desirable - If Pocket Allows :-)

Most Items are ready in stock, Few needs a few days lead time to arrange. Place the order to know the exact position at that point in time, You do not pay when you place the order, We confirm stocks are available and price is okay, thereafter only you are expected to pay for the order.

You can always walk-in the store and buy, in most cases you will get the product, rest of the cases you may book it and we can get it delivered to your.

First of all, decide what you want to upgrade. Generally, You Need to Upgrade your PC for SPEED, STORAGE, MEMORY CAPACITY, GRAPHICS or an Add On like a Printer or DVD Writer.

If your PC is SLOW you may need to Upgrade your CPU. For MORE storage capacity You Need another Hard disc Drive. To Make MORE Applications OPEN and RUN Faster, You Need More Memory in Your PC.

To Make Your System Run Hi-end Games or Graphics Intensive applications - You will require a Graphics or Display Card.

After You have Identified what is it you will need to Upgrade to meet your needs, Simply Replace that component. Buy Fresh One and Install it. Ask for an Engineer to Help if You are not able to Install it Yourself. You Might Need to Just Consult an Engineer or May seek his Visit to do the Needful at your Place.

For adding Another Device such as Blue Ray Writer, a DVD Writer, Printer, Scanner etc. You Need to Just Buy it, Plug it in Your PC, Install accompanying Driver CD and It's DONE - Ready to Use!!

Do it Yourself - You Will Love it.

Prices mentioned are Dynamic and Real. Dynamic as they change without notice. Real as they are Live - Current Prices - As of Now. They may increase or decrease as the case may be, before or after you place an order.

We need to keep changing them since we are very competitive and do not keep enough absorbing buffer between cost and selling price. After the availability of the ordered products is confirmed and status of the order changes to "Payment Awaited", you should make the payment immediately, same day or as earliest possible, thereby negating any chance of change in ordered price(s).

Factors affecting Prices in IT industry largely depend on Demand Supply factors, Forex (Dollar) Rates, Technological reasons and more.

Prices on the web store Includes VAT and shipping charges.

Of Course, it is easier than you might think. Doing it Yourself Could be Very Interesting and Rewarding as well. Little bit of analysis, observation might get you started. You can refer to online sources like to get the first hand feel on what it is all about.

You Open Your PC for a Minor Upgrade and Find Still Motherboard Led is On, it's flowing electricity !! Unplugging any component in this state could be disastrous for the component itself, other components or sometimes yourself.

It's NOT Always Enough to just power down your PC from the Start menu. Because modern systems incorporate hibernate and standby features, the memory, mainboard may still be siphoning electricity after shutdown.

Before You Open Your Cabinet for Memory, Graphics Card or any other minor Upgrade, either pull the power cord and / or flip off the power supply's switch (usually found next to the power-cord socket). Better still, do both, then wait a few seconds before working to remove / install memory or a Graphics Card etc.

Remember, You can check two physical indicators to determine when power is actually removed from the motherboard. One is the LED used to show the status of your network connection. The other, more reliable one is the power LED on the motherboard itself.

If You Get lot's of spike / surge attacks in your locality, make it a practice to remove your power cables off the PC box when not in use. And Using a spike buster is MUST, even if you have a UPS already.

Spikes and Surges Travel in Wires even when they are in Off State. Plugging them off when it is lightening or when not in use, ensures PC is not exposed to the spike's smooth passage.

If You get Mild shocks when you touch PC's outer cover, even when it is in Off State !

This most probably because of Improper Grounding. Getting it checked and fixed by a Qualified Electrician may stop this to happen.

One of the Popular ways to boost a computer's performance is to add more of RAM Chips, a simple task requiring only basic computer knowledge to open up your PC's case.

On the other hand, Extending More memory than Required is also counter productive. If 1gb memory is sufficient, 4gb seems perfect but it may in fact reduce the performance.

Before You Upgrade or Increase Memory, let us find out if you really need it.

From the Start menu, click
All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Information

Once the system-info summary appears, scroll down a bit and look for two fields:
Total Physical Memory, and Available Physical Memory

As a rule of thumb, if you're showing 300MB or less available memory, you Need Memory Upgrade.

Don't rush out to buy RAM just because you see a gap between the total memory and the amount actually available. First, See if Your Graphics is Sharing Memory or it is dedicated.

If your PC is using integrated graphics or a graphics card that shares system memory, You Can Reclaim that Memory being shared Now and install a graphics card that has its own Memory.

You'll gain performance in two ways: from the memory boost you get by recovering what was shared, and from the improved graphics system itself.

Remember You don't need a top-of-the-line graphics card. Any recent card with dedicated memory on it will work better than a shared memory arrangement.

At the Same time, Don't Buy Memory with Higher FSB than what is supported by Your Mainboard. If Your Mainboard supports 667mhz., don't go for 800mhz., even if it is cheaper than 667mhz. It may support, but at the same time, it may make system work slower than expected.

All Motherboards Now support dual-channel memory configurations. Dual-channel technology lets the PC access each of two banks of memory on successive rises and falls of the system clock, rather than only once during the entire clock cycle. That makes "One Slot is Filled with 2GB Memory Chip" Slower than "Two Slots Filled with 1GB Memory Chips" scenario.

The performance gain, while not double, is significant. So, if you have only one stick of memory installed, buy a second one of the same size and type. If you have two sticks installed, buy an additional pair.

Dual-channel operation relies on memory being placed in specific sockets on your motherboard. Even if you've tossed the motherboard manual, determining which sockets are paired is as simple as looking at them--the pairs are typically color-coded.

Sum it up, Planning Total 1GB means Install TWO NO's of 512mb
or Planning Total 2GB means Install TWO No's of 1GB

Normal VGA Cable generally supports 15 mtrs. Using VGA Splitter of 350 mhz. and With Better Quality VGA Cable this distance can be as far as 60 Mtrs. also.

FSB Stands for Front Side Bus. This term is used with regards to the Frequency Capability of Internal Data Transfer built in the Motherboards and other components. The FSB of the Mother board and CPU Frequency should be compatible for them to work together. Mother Board with FSB of 1333 will be able to Accept a CPU with 1333 or Lesser frequency (e.g., 1066 or 800.

In General terms, Higher the Frequency - Faster the Speed, More Expensive, More Productive.

150 mhz. Is suitable for CRT Monitors - or where Quality of transmission doesn't matter - 250 mhz. Is Required for projectors etc. - 350 mhz. Is Recommended for TFT / LCD Monitors.

Buying a Laptop or A Desktop

is a very Important Decision that we have to make whenever we need to buy a PC. The Most Important Point that differentiates The TWO Is If You Need to move around with Your PC or It will be Kept at One Place most of the time.

If you will need or use The PC while travelling or wherever you go, then you have no choice but a Laptop. However, if the laptop will simply act as a desktop with very occasional need for portability, a desktop is The BEST choice and far less expensive.

Laptops have a great advantage in terms of their portability. If you carry a laptop with you, your applications and documents are always immediately available. With a wireless card, your laptop can also access the Internet while on the go, so you have more places to do research, check your email, and be more productive.

Desktops offer other advantages. Although laptop prices have come down and performance has increased, most desktops offer a better price-to-performance ratio. Desktops also still hold some ergonomic advantages over laptops.

Your decision should be based primarily on how you plan to use your computer and the size of your computing budget. Here are some factors to consider:

One downside of portability is ergonomics. The laptop's miniature size can make its use less comfortable and physically taxing. The desktop computer's design has evolved to ease the comfort of users. Its display is at eye level, and the keyboard allows for proper positioning of your back, arms, and wrists. These are important concerns, especially when you use your computer for long periods of time.

You can improve laptop ergonomics by building a more comfortable "home base" into which you can dock your laptop when you return to your desk. A home base can include such things as a standard keyboard, a mouse, an external display, etc.

PC desktops are approximately 1/2 the price of a comparable laptop. Although overall prices have declined, price gaps still exist largely because of the higher cost of laptop displays and the added cost of miniaturized technology. Since laptops are portable, they are more prone to accidents and abuse than desktops. And due to their size, laptops require smaller, more intricate components and more tedious labor resulting in more costly upgrades and repairs.

A laptop's small size and portability make it vulnerable to theft. Unless you can lock or secure your laptop, you should take it with you wherever you go. Security devices like cable locks and fingerprint readers are available for laptops to deter thieves.

Desktops provide less expensive, more comfortable, powerful performance to meet your computing needs from a fixed location. Laptops provide performance to meet your computing needs from virtually anywhere. Laptops cost roughly one-third more, and for additional comfort you will pay more yet for extra "home base" components. But if you want to take advantage of the portability and increased productivity offered by laptops, then the extra expense may be worth it. If portability and the extended access it provides is not important, then a desktop may make more sense.

The choice is yours. Evaluate and review your computing needs and decide what's best for you.

Buying PC for the First Time

The computer is used in people's daily lives to enable peoples of this world to talk to each other in real time, to process quick artwork rendering, and to regulate systems to enable the administration of fossil fuel use by people. Most gasoline stations are computerized and can not even operate if the computers are down.

Almost every major business, banks, tire shops, fast food restaurants, major stores, etc., uses computer and are unable to even operate if the computers are down. Automobiles are computerized. If the computer messes up, it could cause loss of transportation until repaired. People also use computers in daily life to shop, bank, and pay bills from the comfort of their homes. In some cases, people can even apply for jobs online. They also provide entertainment in that people play games, listen to music, chat, etc. online. In fact, computerization is so prevalent in our daily lives that should they be taken away, almost everything would shut down, at least for a short time.

Word Processing - Typewriters are thing of the Past. Now Word Processing Softwares like Microsoft Word etc. are used to Draft any Letter, Agreement and other documents. Such Softwares are Capable of Automatically correcting spelling or grammatical mistakes. If the content of a document repeats you don't have to type it each time. You can use the copy and paste features. You can printout documents and make several copies. It is easier to read a word-processed document than a handwritten one. You can add images to your document, making it more Pleasant Looking.

E-mail - Sending Letters by Post is bygone. Type it in your system, and press send and it will travel hundreds or thousands of miles in just few seconds. Very Exciting form of Communication and An E-mail Id is a Must for Everyone today. You Can Attach Photographs, Images, Songs, Recorded Voices as well to Your Letter.

Chatting - Instead of Sending an e-mail and waiting for a Reply. People From Far off places sit at their system and type messages for each other. Messages are written by People involved in Chatting in Real time like Recorded Conversation.

Telephony - Computers are used to make long distance calls using Internet which dramatically cuts costs.

Video Conferencing - Two or More People Talk to Each Other Simultaneously they See themselves on the Screen. No Need to Meet Every Occasion Personally, meet them using Video conference.

Internet - Internet is the Biggest Invention of Recent times. Various People Use something called Websites to Share what they want to share with Rest of the Word Instantaneously and at nominal Cost. As A User, or a Novice in Computer Field, Browsing Different Websites is An Experience You Must Have. There are billions of Websites waiting for You Out there, Millions of them Could prove Very beneficial for you in whatever field you may be in.

Digital video or audio composition - Audio or video composition and editing have been made much easier by computers. It no longer costs thousands of dollars of equipment to compose music or make a film. Graphics engineers can use computers to generate short or full-length films or even to create three-dimensional models. Anybody owning a computer can now enter the field of media production. Special effects in science fiction and action movies are created using computers.

Desktop publishing - With desktop publishing, you can create page layouts for entire books on your personal computer.

Computers in Medicine - You can diagnose diseases. You can learn the cures. Software is used in magnetic resonance imaging to examine the internal organs of the human body. Software is used for performing surgery. Computers are used to store patient data.

Mathematical Calculations - Thanks to computers, which have computing speeds of over a million calculations per second we can perform the biggest of mathematical calculations.

Banks - All financial transactions are done by computer software. They provide security, speed and convenience.

Travel - One can book air tickets or railway tickets and make hotel reservations online.

Telecommunications - Software is widely used here. Also all mobile phones have software embedded in them.

Defense - There is software embedded in almost every weapon. Software is used for controlling the flight and targeting in ballistic missiles. Software is used to control access to atomic bombs.

E-Learning - Instead of a book it is easier to learn from an E-learning software.

Gambling-You can gamble online instead of going to a casino.

Examinations-You can give online exams and get instant results. You can check your examination results online.

Computers in Business - Shops and supermarkets use software, which calculate the bills. Taxes can be calculated and paid online. Accounting is done using computers. One can predict future trends of business using artificial intelligence software. Software is used in major stock markets. One can do trading online. There are fully automated factories running on software.

Certificates - Different types of certificates can be generated. It is very easy to create and change layouts.

ATM machines - The computer software authenticates the user and dispenses cash.

Marriage - There are matrimonial sites through which one can search for a suitable groom or bride.

News-There are many websites through which you can read the latest or old news.

Classmates-There are many alumni websites through which you can regain contact with your classmates.

Robotics - Robots are controlled by software.

Washing Machines - They operate using software.

Microwave Oven - They are operated by software.

Planning and Scheduling - Software can be used to store contact information, generating plans, scheduling appointments and deadlines.

Plagiarism - Software can examine content for plagiarism.

Greeting Cards - You can send and receive greetings pertaining to different occasions.

Sports - Software is used for making umpiring decisions. There are simulation software using which a sportsperson can practice his skills. Computers are also to identify flaws in technique.

Airplanes - Pilots train on software, which simulates flying.

Weather analysis - Supercomputers are used to analyze and predict weather.

Computers have leapfrogged the human society into another league. It is used in each and every aspect of human life. They will spearhead the human quest of eradicating social problems like illiteracy and poverty. It is difficult to imagine a world bereft of computers. This revolutionary technology is indeed a boon to the human race. May computers continue to shower their blessings to us.

Tips on buying a Computer, laptop or related product

Interested in a Desktop PC

Decide if you need a Desktop PC or a Laptop