Why is Permit Required for dispatching to my address in West Bengal?

Customers from Certain states of india require to send permit copy taken from local authorities before orders can be shipped there. laws Regulation require this formality to be there for these Indian states.

Assam : If customer is a dealer - Form 61-Commercial - 2 Copies
If customer is a consumer - products not for resale - Form 62-Non-Commercial - 2 Copies

Jammu & Kashmir : Vat Form 65 - 2 copies - only if value is more than Rs.4999

Kerala : Form 16-2 copies; Form 15-1Copy; Form 27B-1 Copy ( In Case of Dealers )

Orissa : Form 402A a must for unregistered clients/entry tax applicable for such shipments;The Entry-tax is paid in Sales Tax Office in Advance & obtain the Form & send to shipper with receipt to be accompanied with AWB.

West Bengal : Vat form 50A - 2(Part I &II)