Why are the prices more than other websites like amazon snapdeal or flipkart ?

We offer Lowest prices when you compare our products with un-compromised products – we sell only proper stocks while you never know what you will end up getting from these online marketplaces. Our Price is Lower than their or Their Price is Lower than Ours is always Secondary. More Important is If The Product is Genuine or Not.

We keep our little margin and sell only genuine products as released by the vendors directly without doing any changes as practiced by many – you may google experiences of many people. Many people working in these marketplaces also buy from us. When it comes to their personal money - they prefer to spend a bit more and buy un-compromised quality product.

These marketplaces are sitting on Huge Funds (FDI) - Deep Pockets and intentions to somehow - ethically or otherwise - capture Indian market share - People selling over there Sell what is profitable and these market places employ highly qualified marketing personnel who are skilled to manipulate and show off.

We are a very small Brick and Mortar store operating from Bangalore from 1995 and for us profitability and our customer experience both are important. We do not have the financial muscle or intentions also to Use Shortcuts and Capture Market Share. Our Market Share Depends on Our Customers Satisfaction Levels - When You Buy from Us and You are Happy - Our Job is Done - And That is Precisely What Our Focus is At.