What is the Warranty of the products You sell?

Warranty of the products sold at bwindia

is owned by the respective vendors / Manufacturers and provided through their service facilities across India and / or Worldwide, as the case may be, as per their rules and regulations.

Warranty Period of the product can be spotted on it's page, under The Name Title. Vendors website can be referred to for specific details about what is covered and not covered under warranty for any particular brand or product line.

Generally speaking, All monitors come with 3 years onsite warranty, All UPS's come with 2 years onsite warranty, HDDs, memories carry 2 years warranty, Corsair Memories carry upto 10 Years warranty, G.skill Memories come with 3 to 5 years warranty.

What do i do when i want to avail service / replacement under warranty ?

Most IT Brands have their service centers in Most of Indian Cities, Towns. Around 400 IT Brands and around 300 Indian Cities / Towns makes it a list of around 120,000 service centers on all india basis. Their addresses and contact details keep changing. You may google the latest contact details or contact us - when you need them.

When you face any issue with the product you purchase, email us or call us upon with details of your purchase, particularly bill number and it's date. We in-turn will provide you the contact details of nearest service center to your location where you can get the faulty product serviced / replaced under warranty.

In few rare cases, you might have to ship the product back to us to bangalore, bearing the shipping cost yourself, if there is no service center in your location for the product or some other reason.

IT products generally get outdated and discarded by the owner before they develop a fault, provided they are handled with care. Good Power, Regular maintenance (blowing dust off the box with a blower or vacuum cleaner), Keep Screws and cables tight and stable (shack or shock free) placement is all your PC box and other components expect from You - to perform consistently.

On Call Service, Maintenance or Annual Maintenance / Service Contracts

are available for Bangalore for which you may raise an inquiry with us.