What is The Meaning and Importance of Generation in Desktop and Laptop Processors ?

Generation in Context of Computer CPU or Microprocessor

Research and Development is a continuous process for the microprocessor chip makers, mainly Intel and AMD. The Architecture and Capabilities hence achieved are Packaged and Released as New Version called Generation. One Generation consist of Work of 2-3 years which generally released as The Next Generation which is generally a numeral.

Currently, as of August 2017 - Most AMD CPU Models are Running 7th Generation while Intel has released 7th Generation CPU Range in First Quarter of 2017.

Whenever you buy a desktop or a Laptop, It is always recommended to buy Latest Generation CPU Based Model so that You take advantage of The Development and Progress of The Technology even if you have to spend 20-30% extra for the same. Buying Older Generation CPU Based Laptop or Desktop is Like Buying Already Outdated Technology Today, which has already phased out and is not up-to-date.