What is the difference between a Windows / Dos / Ubuntu Laptop ? Which One Should I Buy ?

Windows, Dos or Ubuntu are basically operating systems, software part of the laptop. It is just that Genuine Windows Come at a Price ( say around Rs.5000) So Laptops with Windows Pre-loaded are a few thousands more expensive than the laptops which do not come with windows pre-loaded.

You may buy Dos / Ubuntu Laptops and Load Windows that you might already have, this way you may save some cost. However, Buying a laptop with pre-loaded windows may save you those 30 minutes that it takes to do the job.

And If your application is not that dependent on Windows platform you may be okay using Ubuntu ( or any other linux based OS ) as well and that way you may save some cost plus simultaneously say good bye to Bill Gates.

In Short, Any laptop is compatible with Any Operating System. Buy Any Laptop and If pre-loaded operating system is not what you want, Change it to your requirement.