What is the difference between A Scanner inbuilt in MFP (Multi Function Printer) and A Dedicated Scanner

When it comes to a Scanner or a AIO/multifunction printer (MFP) to meet your scanning needs, you can ask one basic question that will help you to decide - "What are you scanning" ?

Generally, the items on scanning to-do list will determine why you shall require a Scanner. If your need to scan multi-page documents or two-sided documents on a regular basis, as most accounting, Telecom, Banking, Insurance, Audit firms do, a dedicated document scanner is a must choice. Although it's easy to find MFPs with automatic document feeders, its lacks scanning both sides of a page at the same time, or scan as quickly as a document scanner ( Like SJ 7500, SJ 8270, SJ 9120, SJ 6350).

Other considerations would be:

* If the need is for volume scan output( Anything beyond 100 pages per day) you should consider DMS scanner( Like SJ7000,SJ7500, SJ8270,SJ 9000,SJ9120) which is designed to meet high volume document scanning. MFP's perform much slow scanning in compare to a dedicated DMS scanner.

* If the need is to scan transparencies, your best bet is a film scanner or a flatbed photo scanner with a transparency adaptor(SJ 4010,4050,8300).

* If the need is to scan high resolution image, the best bet is Photo scanner (Like SJ 8300, SJ 4010, SJ4050). MFP's lacks in scanning high resolution images.