Web Assistant - Work from Home

An Invitation to Learn While You Work From Your Home - get involved with Wonderful Current Technologies simultaneously.

Apply if You Are -
* Passionate about Technology and How it Helps others achieve their objectives.
* Want to Work from Home.
* Location far from Indiranagar, Bangalore
* Student looking for job with flexible hours
* Thrilled by Learning and Sharing Your Knowledge with Others.
* Fairly Exposed to Computers and related Products.
* Have a minimum of One Year Experience in any field.
* Good Command over Written English.

Primary Duties :
* Update Website Data
Secondary Duties :
* Promote Website on Social Media and other related activities
* As Directed.

Initial On Job Training is provided, only qualification expected is Hard Work and Sincere Efforts to Learn.

Minimum Remuneration applicable for first 2-4 months - increases depending on the quality of work and time you take to finish assignments given to you. Can Expect to touch around Rs.10000 after a year or so of experience at bwindia.

Tell us about Yourself in around 200-300 words.

Tell us How did you get reference about this Vacancy.

Number of Years / Months You have worked for various organizations

File size can be a maximum of 800kb in .doc .pdf or .txt format

Mention Salary Drawn in Your Last Job