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Shall we buy a Desktoop or a Laptop? Which Brand is Good? What CPU Harddisk or Screen Size? How much they cost? Which one are at Just Price? What are the options? How to not get cheated? How much to spend? Where to buy? ... and so on.

These questions have haunted every one of millions of minds before they bought any laptop. A lot of advise has been given in last 25 years ever since the first laptop was born. There are so many brands of laptops each one offers 20-40 models. And every model has so much of detail and specifications. It becomes a time consuming and difficult job to understand which one is Good, Latest and Reasonably priced.

One Friend say HP is Good, another say Acer is best. Colleagues were talking other day praising Sony and Toshiba Quality. TV Commercial of Dell says their Laptop is ultimate. If we search internet, we are flooded with tons of unrelated information. Lots of Information available is Outdated.

Thousands and Thousands of Models have come and gone but they are still published by many websites and search engines keep serving them as results. Context Changes Very Fast and so is the movement of technology. Technology is Changing every Second. Advise given on any forum, social networking or review website is relevant for a few days and irrelevant thereafter. And Internet is Full of such Outdated, Old Content which Confuses a buyer more than pointing finger to the right direction.

We have tried to Provide A Solution, We have build a resource which is So Transparent that You may not need to depend on anyone but yourself to compare specifications of various Latest Laptop Models, See how they look, Compare prices of similar configurations from various other brands and make that so important buying decision on your own. where You will find only Latest and Live Information. We are maintaining the information round the clock and Keeping it Up to date with over 95% accuracy levels.

Before We start Using this Resource, we shall understand a few facts and demystify a few misconceptions.

1. All Brands Are Good.

Yes, Competition has straighten Most Brands Backbone, they are all Now Very Careful about the Quality they offer and After sales service they provide to their customers. They may not be Same in their deliveries but do not differ substantially as well. Brands earning Poor Feedback and Questionable Quality Standards are generally not found in our web store. It also doesn't mean that the product you find on the webstore are Perfect. All Models of All Brands Do Fail once in a while, it doesn't make their Brands Good or Bad. Accept it as Part of Laptop Life.

2. Trivia is Trivia

It is regardless if One model has one extra USB Port or if has a feature which you may never use. What Factors matter Most are Compared. Trivia is Ignored. If you feel necessary, You may look in the Specific details once you have Found the Laptop of Your Choice. As a rule of thumbs, they all come with Webcam, card reader, usb ports etc. You don't have to worry about them except you using it for a specific purpose.

3. Most Important Factors to Watch out for.

CPU Power:

Bigger the Number - Better the Performance - Go for the Maximum Speed You Can Afford - This Component cannot be practically upgraded in a laptop.

HD Drive and Memory :

Can Easily be upgraded, Go for higher capacity if cost do not differ much, if sizable difference, upgrade in future.

Screen Size :

Select what you are comfortable with. Bigger Screen consumes more power, but doesn't really make a big difference. It is easier to carry a smaller screen laptop, but Bigger screen display content better. As a rule of thumb, Big Screens Cost Slightly More than smaller screen Sizes, i.e., 14inch is cheaper than 15inch screen laptop with rest all equivalent specs.

Operating System :

You Can buy one without OS if You want to use Trial Versions before you actually buy one. or if you want to try Linux versions which are all free like Air.

Dedicated Graphics :

If you want to do applications or games on your laptop that need dedicated graphics, You must buy a Laptop with One. This component cannot be practically upgraded.

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Click Here to Find All Brand Laptops with specs and All India Lowest Indian Prices

Hundreds of Laptops @ Lowest Prices in a filterable table for unmatched convenience