Updating Products

When Products are initially uploaded, they have basic information like price, category, warranty etc. They need to be updated with other information or specifications and images to make the product page complete and presentable.

Basically we need to Add Content and Images.

Procedure for Adding Content

We pick up "The Brand name" and "model number" of the product and do a bit of search for them in the internet. We google those keywords and select quality websites and relevant content about the product. Such content is then copied to the product body.

We edit the copied information to make it relevant to our websites context. It may need proper formatting or filtered for any irrelevant references or unprofessional language etc.

finally we add relevant tags to the content. Commonly Used tags are

<h2> </h2>

for main content title

<h3> </h3>

second level title

<h4> </h4>

Third level

<h5> </h5>

Fourth level

<h6> </h6>

Fifth level

We can use h7 h8 h9 as well if required. We shall use each tag level once only in a page.

<b> </b>

to bold text if it is not a title for example : text in between a para or first few words of a paragraph

Finally select "full html" as an input format

Hit Submit

Inspect The Page for errors - edit the page - correct errors and submit to inspect again.

Procedure for Adding Images to a product

Using the brand and model of the product, using google we search for images in various websites on the internet particularly vendors (brands) site and select the ones with ..

* Find Quality images - without a Frame, Watermark, copyright information etc.

* Ideal size is around 640x800 but you can select this size plus minus a few hundred pixel - max size of 1000X1000 - small images can be avoided

* use .jpg .jpeg type of images only

* Save the first image as the name of the product (without any special characters like - / 8 % etc.)

* Save the second, third image as name of the product suffixed with number 2,3 respectively

* Save a minimum of 1 image and maximum of 15 images per product

* Insert / Add The Best Image as First Image to the Product.

* Insert rest of the images - May add 3-4 images at a time - submit the form - edit again and add rest of the images.

* Inspect the images after submitting .. correct if anything is wrong ..

* If images are not showing up - it could be becuase the name of the image file contains some character which needs to be removed OR the format is other than .jpg .jpeg

* delete the troublesome image - add again and submit the form to rectify it.

* Inspect Product Page Overall after final submission.

The Product Page is Updated.