Stand Up King !!


Does it hurt when you see thousands of Tons of Harvest Getting Spoiled in Heavy Rains or Poor Storage Facilities every year either with the Farmer Itself or In Anaz mandies or Godowns. Farmers Getting Miserably Underpaid for their Produce and Face so many other conditions that Trap them so badly - frustrating every day of their life. They choose to Suicide.

Indian Farmer - Prosperity Se Suicide Tak

Officially, between 1997 to 2005, close to 150,000 Indian Farmers committed suicide. That is declared number, actual numbers could be many times more than that.

Farmers are Exploited by the system. Once They Carry Their Produce to The Mandi, They have to Sell it at Whatever Price they are Able to Fetch That time... They Have to Sell .. Be the Loosing Side of Distress Selling. Their Produce Finally Reaches The Consumer Markets and Sold at as high as 20 times the Price It's Producer .. The Farmer Sold it for.

Any Producers of Any Product - Anywhere - Decides What Price is He Going to Sell His Production. Hindustan Lever Decides What MRP Tag Dictates on It's Lux Soap. Maruti Decides What Price it's WagonR will Sell at. It is their Right. We have Not Given This Right to Our Farmer.

We Do not Give Enough Money to The Manufacturer of Dal and Roti We Eat.

We Call These Simple Productive Citizens of India.. Unskilled Labor. They do not have rights to decide for their produce and We are there to Rob them of What they Deserve to Get for their Produce. We have Not left any Space for them to Deviate. Their Protest Rallies are Crushed with Brute Force, They are not left with enough Money to Sustain Any Kind of Protest for Long. They Have No Option But....


But Those Who Buy From Them Are Just Middlemen - Transferring Produce From One Point to Other - Earn Much More than the Producer Itself. They Manage to Do it .. Using Cunning Practices .. Against Each Other..

But We, as a Society, Pay Exclusively to The Businessmen Serving Us Liquor, Those Who Mix Water with Caffeine, Acids and harmful preservatives to a Product Called "Some-Cola", This Cola Hires The Best of Our Cine and Cricketing Stars to Sell it's Tainted Product at a Handsome Price.

Problem is That The Farmer Has To Go To The Market. He is not rich in Resources, Let us Reverse it in this case, Let Market Go To Him to Buy his Produce.

If he has to Sit Down with his Produce and wait for the Customer to Come and buy, But He Cannot Keep His Produce For Long, It gets Spoiled. And He Needs Money Upfront.

A Simple Solution..

Let Us Assume ..

We Make Our Farmer .. A Farming Shop Keeper. Trust me.. It Can be Done. Following are a Few Points about the new system of operation ...

1. We Design .. A Roof Top .. Which Can be Fixed Over and Above The Agricultural Land .. To Work as a Storage Space for The Respective Produce. The Farmer Will Produce and Store in it's Farm land itself.

This Roof Top Storage is Made of Material Which Lets Sun Rays and Water Pass through it over the Field. The Design Will Allow Holes or Open Spaces as well for The Sun Rays to Come through it to the Field Directly as well. Design Will Be Slanting in such a way that Wheat (or other produce) Comes Out Sliding. It is supported by four pillars which occupy little negligible space on the corners of the field.

2. Another Benefit of This System will be that The Produce Will Not be Accumulated in Large Quantities in Some Big Godowns. So The danger of spoiling them all .. in case of heavy rain is not there. In Case of Flood Also The Grains will be saved since they are stored at a height of 14 feet from the Ground in a Disbursed manner .. managed individually by the respective Kings of the Fields.

3. Unemployed Youth of the Village .. Will Run The Business of Buying From The Villagers and Supplying Grains to the Targeted Provision Stores. Enterprising Youth Can Distribute Grains Directly From The Farmer to The Provisional Stores Across States As well. Bypassing All The Mess of Contractor, Agents, Government Agencies and what not.

4. Farmer will Run like a Small Distributor of the Grains etc. it grows. To take care of his financial needs, Micro Finance Companies can easily fund them. Micro Finance Companies are coming in herds to India now a days.

5. Farmers will Fetch Better Rates, be more prosperous. Youth Across Villages will not have to look to a few industries in nearby towns for job. The Manipulating Contractors and Agencies .. if want to buy grains .. will come to the Farmers Godown (field) to pay and buy at Farmers Price.

6. Once this Dirty Nexus of Existing Distribution System is Out .. The Produce will reach the Consumers with minimum number of hops .. Reducing Cost Significantly. Will Reduce Inflation.

7. This new System will Stop Wastage and Adulteration to the Max which will significantly increase the Availability of the Production for Consumption, Reduce Prices, Increased Quality of The Products, Increase buying capacity of daily wages labor, improve their health.

8. It's Implementation Can be as Smooth as a Knife Ride on a Butter Brick. We Have to Just Design The Roof Top.. Architects can do it Just like that. Some one has to Produce and Install it at The Farmers Fields. Micro Finance Companies are already available and must find no problem to fund them.

9. Once this much is done .. Farmer has to stop going to The Mandi's .. And Start Selling from his own .. Farm Store.

I earnestly feel, Narendra Modi Alone Can implement this within a Year .. across the country. However, with or without Modi, I believe Many More Leaders can take this up and turn the tables around .. for the Person Whose Hard Work .. Gives Us food to Eat.

What do you say ? Does it make any Sense, if Yes, How can this be implemented ?