Sri Sainath Shirdi Baba

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba had a distinct and Miraculous way of making his disciples understand the messages he wanted to convey. Sometimes it was difficult for others to understand the meaning of what was said, but it will be understood by the one for whom it was meant for.

On His Divine Command, Rain will stop, Fire will pacify, Deadly poison will not be lethal, Deadly diseases will Cure, Water will burn like Oil, hit earth with a wooden piece and find water... the list is endless.

In the year 1886, on a full moon night, at about ten in the night, Baba said Mhalsapathi, one of his dear disciple, "Now I will be leaving my physical body and going up. After three days I will re-enter this body. You should take good care of my body for these three days. In case I do not come back after three days, bury my body opposite to the mosque and put two flags on top".

Then Baba put his head on Mhalsapathi's lap and left his physical body. Tatya who came just then saw the Event and was surprised. News spread through Shirdi village that Baba died. Many gathered near the mosque. Only Tatya and Shama believed the words of Mhalsapathi who narrated what Baba had told him. Others disbelieved and thought that Baba had really died. Taking this as a good opportunity, the village munsif Bhate began criticising that for a person with so many divine powers, where was the need to die?

Early morning, all the villagers of Shirdi gathered before the mosque. Bhate with his followers tried to move the physical body of Baba from its place. Mhalsapathi opposed the move. Since Baba had promised to come back to his body after three days, the body should not be moved till then. Some villagers agreed with Mhalsapathi and therefore Bhate could not do anything. But he still insisted that a dead person can never come back alive, and that Mhalsapathi, out of his blind faith in Baba, was believing this and it was better to get a doctor and get the body examined. He sent for a doctor from Ahmednagar.

The doctor came to Shirdi on the morning of the third day. He examined the body carefully and declared that the dead body was three days old. But there were no such symptoms of a dead body. There was no decay or smell coming out of it. He cautioned that as there was a plague prevalent in nearby places thus it was not advisable to keep the dead body. The villagers came to a decision that if life did not return to the body after completion of three days, then the last rites would be performed.

But in the early hours of the fourth day, the body started breathing. There was movement of the limbs. In a few minutes Baba sat up . Mhalsapathi, overjoyed, said loudly, "Sri Sainath Maharaj ki Jai"! Tatya and Shama also repeated this. Hearing all this, the villagers came to Dwarakamai and prostrated before Sai Baba.

Seeing Baba moving about, Bhate, who thought Baba to be dead, duly certified by the doctor, was so wonderstruck that he now started fully believing in Baba as the incarnation of God. From that day, he became the greatest devotee of Baba and brought several people to Baba with a request to get salvation.