Sometimes Being Good is Not Good

In 12th Century, King Prithvi Raj Chauhan defeated Mohammad Gauri seventeen times and every time Prithivi Raj let the invader go, shown Sympathy to Enemy .. with the ultimate result Mohammad Gauri won on his eighteen attempt. All These seventeen times, he was forgiven by the Great King. It Was The Kings .. Indian Character. May be, he expected, his enemy to have realized his conscious every time he forgiven him.

It was a Very Expensive Mistake, We did. Our attitude towards enemies have remained more or less the same, even today.

When Prithvi Raj lost the battle, Gauri Extracted Chauhan's Eyes, took his empire and was killed and Aryavarta became slave of Invaders for Next 800 years. The doctrine of letting the enemy go unhurt and unpunished is an extension of the centuries old fortress mentality which resulted in invasions from our western borders.

Our history argues against letting the enemy go unpunished because the defensive defense mode erroneously allows the enemy to retain the element of surprise. With large borders located in hostile terrain, this politico-military doctrine expects the impossible to guard physically every square inch of the territory. Another negative dimension is the internal consumption of enormous military power due to external interference.

Weapons and forces by themselves do not constitute a source of security or a threat but the ideas and attitude governing their use and usability do. Therefore in order to safeguard national interests, the political leadership must shift to the strategic doctrine of offensive defense. This will ensure defense of national interests along with territorial integrity. It is an assertive, not aggressive philosophy which, if used wisely, can deal effectively with forces inimical to Bharat.

In the offensive defensive mode, a correct appreciation of the situation and counter action to neutralize the developing threat are mandatory. What is military meant for? Military is meant for destroying enemies and for creating peace and prosperity in the country. It is time that Indian military be used to destroy It's enemies.

Attitude, it is, isn't it ?