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This might sound very impressive, but humans are not computers and we are humans. Don't raise Your Expectations :-) We are a very Small and imperfect Organization, do not over expect, but we work hard to see Your Requirements are met here in the Best Possible manner.

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Buying Computers, Laptops and related Parts could prove to be a tedious or a daunting process if not handled properly. Spending some of your precious time on these pages will Empower You to buy Computers, Laptops & Parts easily with minimum investment. To Shop wisely and spend your money judiciously, You Need All Those Computers, Laptops, Parts, Peripherals, Software, Accessories & Components - That Can Be Bought .. being offered to You at Reasonably Low and Very Low Prices.

And that's exactly what we do .. provide you all this on Your Screen .. Just a Click Away !! Select it, Order it, Get it Shipped to Your Doorstep or Get it Picked up from Our store in Bangalore. If You happen to be in Bangalore, Placing an order online and getting the order picked up when ready works best in your interest.

We Offer You .. Possibly All Available Variants of a Product Line .. To Select From .. Make a Sound Buying Decision .. Effortlessly .. at The Most Competitive Price.

We Understand The Value of Time Lost in First Locating The Desired Product and Lastly In Bargaining it to Buy at The Right Reasonable Price. We Honestly, try and do these two jobs for you. If it is Information Technology Product, You may depend on us to Source it for You and Arrange it at a Price which will be Reasonable and Very Competitive.

For example, suppose you wish to buy a Laptop, You will Find .. Various Models of Laptops From All Laptops Brands like Acer, HP, Compaq, IBM, Lenovo, BenQ, Gateway, Sony, Fujitsu, Toshiba and More. You Will Be Presented with Over 200 Laptops on a Platter to Select From. Most of Laptops listing will carry their configuration, features, images etc.and above all .. at The Latest, Live, Fixed and Lowest Price.

We do not test your negotiation skills, we offer you the best possible price upfront without keeping something in our pocket to offer you later. We understand, Time Spent by Buyer and Seller while Bargaining is Also Valuable. If Sellers Keep Reasonable margin and Buyers Save time by default in their shopping cycle, it's a Bargain in itself, beneficial to both of them.

Good Number of The Products you find on the website are updated for their details, description or images. And Good number of them are Not. That is On account of Gap between The Fast Pace of Change in Technology Industry and The Deployed Resources to Update the data. Our Priorities lie in Updating Prices First, than other details, which generally get behind. You can always Google that Product if you want more information about it, which is not available on the pages of

Statistically, We Offer Over 5000 IT Products, Cover 300+ Brands, Ship to Around 60 Countries, Accept Over 20 Currencies, Enjoy Highest "Average Time Spend by Users" on the Website (Source : Alexa).

Products available on this Website are Sold and Shipped by Binary World, A Computer Store founded on 26th January 1995 located in Indira nagar, Bangalore, India. Warranties of the respective products as applicable are owned and serviced by respective Brand Owners through their facilities across India and rest of the world. Products are shipped to the buyers using third party Courier, Cargo Agencies to various buyer locations.

You Can find our Contact details, store address, working days and timings in the bottom of these pages, and a location map link of our store in the menu on your left.

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