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This site is

This site is BRILLIANT only if you log in...
-- Krishna NC, Bangalore

Excellent Service

Excellent Service, Product Range and Easy to Order and Buy.
-- Rob David, Bangalore

happy to have

Your support for my order was excellent. I am very happy to have done a deal with you. Will look forward in buying more products with you in future.
--Rajashekar KB, Bangalore

BWIndia Rocks :)

Fantastic - I ordered and got the ADSL2+Router in a day's time. BWIndia Rocks :) Keep it up!
-- Shrikrishna Pundoor, Bangalore

very very good

The Deals on this website are very very very good. Ask your website designer to make it even better.
-- Varadha Raju, Bangalore

You people

You people not only sell lot of computer equipment but also have lot of knowledge. Keep it up!
-- Narender Ponna, Texas Instruments India Pvt. Ltd.

useful site for all

Its very best and useful site for all, I am using it from a long time, I am glad to see this and really impressed.
-- christ mark,

an excellent site

Yours is an excellent site. The new navigation is even better. I especially love the way you use Indian names.
-- Sudarsh Kailas, Pattern Recognition Research Institute

service is awesome

You website as well your store service is awesome. specially I have interacted with you sales person Mr.shiva / I have been your loyal customer since last two years. i didn't face any problem till today.
all the very best for your business and future updates. keep going!!
I would Appreciate the brain behind idea of your website and well customer cared store!
-- Dev Anand, Pai International Electronics Ltd.

very helpful

I find this website and your service very helpful and most competitive.
-- Prashant Kumar, Mumbai

From branded laptops

From branded laptops to assembled Pcs, accessories and great services; Binary World has a lot to offer. Walk in to Binary World and get an array of brands such as Dell, Acer, HP, Lenevo, Sony, Epson and many others at the most reasonable rates in town. You can also get your PC custom made which will be configured according to your requirements. Apart from this, if you are looking for peripherals such as scanners, UPSs, SMPs, Web cams and loads more, you will find it here. Make a hassle-free purchase at Binary World.
-- Editors Note, Asklaila

Argh... I wish

Argh... I wish I had seen this price before ordering from ebay.
-- Banibrata Dutta

I just voted for

I just voted for you at some Alexa or some such rating thing and I gave you the highest rating. I don't know which God you pray to (because your God is blessing you very well.......) but as a Shirdi Sai chela I believe you deserve all the good successes in the coming years, may you grow from strength to strength, Mr.IT Rocker/Whebhie/the team both front-end and back-end. I would really like to recommend your site (if you permit me) to some chors sitting in Nehru Place cheating people and show them that good guys like BWIndia win and deserve all the success coming to them..........
-- Deepak Rao, Bangalore


wonderfull prices and website
-- Jaya Raman, Bangalore

Your site rocks.

Your site rocks. When I'm bored I like to come here and browse the description of the PC configs named after Indians like Vivekananda and others. :)
-- Deepak Rao, Bangalore

this is the place

I planned to build an ultra-high-end p.c. on Nov 2013 and was in search for the best deal. I have contacted almost all high-end pc components sellers (both online and others), but I never came across a person like Mr.Amit Khanna, He is so simple, extremely helpful and an excellent business man, he always tries to give you the best. He gave me a free upgrade from 12X Blu-ray writer to 16X just because he wanted me to have the best . My order was close to Rs. 2,70,000/- . Many people told me that there is a great chance that i get a couple of boxes full of stones or other rubbish delivered to my home. but I knew i could trust this guy from the way he talked. So I transfered the money on 12-12-13 and got the components delivered (in good condition) within a week from bangalore to my home at Kollam (Kerala)., It took a week just because the motherboard i ordered was out of stock. Overall I give Binary world store 10/10. If you want a great PC buying experience then this is the place.
-- Hari Krishna, Kollam, Kerala

pleasant experience

... So, needless to say that Binary World was overall a very pleasant experience. I strongly recommend them. ...
Jaya Jha,

remarkably wonderful webstore

Particularly is remarkably wonderful webstore.
-- Renu Aradhaya

Where to buy Computer

Where to buy Computer, laptops & other Accessories in Bangalore

... places in Bangalore where you shall get good quality products at a reasonable price... “Binary world”
Boddhayan, A Technology Lover & (Envyingly University Topper :-)

unique and best

component prices and eco shipping cost of are lowest and transparent style of approach makes them unique and best.
sudu456, teh nuB!

really good guys

.. All the online stores mentioned here have rate difference of Rs.1000 to 1500 against the rate at https: // . Check out guys.. I just bought new system from them.. really good guys.
Nemes!s on 'Trusted Online Store'

I go to binary

I go to binary world. Check
Its in Indira nagar and offers sp road price. Also the website has tons of details
rajshenoy, Senior - BHPian

I am a customer

I am a customer of Binary World for last ten years. Their Prices and Product Range was Very comprehensive even at that time. today, is like bible for me and my office colleagues – it is our homepage and reference for any computer product – first and last reference. Anything we need we will see only this website and buy. if they dont have stock they arrange it. Very Honest People and Very Good Attitude towards business. No Cheating – i recommend one and all to buy from this store.
-- Abraham Kutty

This is a gem

This is a gem of a site .. an extensive collection ..
This is a gem of a site for those who are hunting for some good computer accessories. In this site an extensive collection of computer accessories are on display. This site peddles all variety of computer accessories starting from anti glare screen for computers to memory cards, headphone and speaker system for computers. Along with these you will also get some unusual computer accessories like Power adapters and “Wi-fi cards” which are not easily available in the market. All these products now you can buy online without any hassle. – a site of a trusted, local store in Bangalore
Prashanth Krishnamurthy

Binary World India

Binary World India located in Bangalore, Karnataka, lists numerous of these Dell laptops at cheapest prices...For detailed information about each product or configuration one can visit website and login to the site to access all the information
-- Master-Tecnology

Binary world is the best

Binary world is the best place I know to buy you computer needs. I know Amit khanna when he started in a 6x10 shop in 1995. He has been a gentleman first and businessman later. If you go there to buy materials worth 20000 he will make you buy for 10000. Normally sales people push you to spend more - he will push you to spend less - he says spend as less as possible on technology because it will become very cheap very soon. His price even earlier were very competitive. Now they have a website also where you can check the price before going to the shop. This is one place where you buy without tension.
-- Nilesh Kothari

I agree with

I agree with gagan about SP road...shopkeeper are quite rude and not helpful... better you got for Binary World, BDA complex, Indira Nagar... they are good stock and quite helpful also.. you can try their website

p.s: I just build my whole rig from them.


Fast service and delivery

Fast service and delivery, Proactive calls for delivery, Lowest prices. Trusted shop.
Convenience of shopping through website.
I did not miss the absence of indiranagar shop.
-- Bhagyesh Hede, Bangalore

As usual the Binary World

As usual the Binary World delivery was the best. The packing was really great and the product reached on the expected delivery date. Hats off to Binary World on keeping up their every single word.
-- Ganesh Banavalikar, Sorab, Karnataka

Thank you

Thank you very much for the prompt and efficient service. Much appreciated.
-- Abi John, Bangalore

First of all

First of all customer care was simply superb. I had some problems regarding the shipping of the product but, they were highly co-operative and simply brilliant in sorting out the problem.

Very good experience

Very good experience.


Quick delivery

+ Quick delivery
+ Very good pricing
+ Prompt care for customer
+ Wide range of products

Really good experience, will surely buy again. Keep it up!
-- Mayah Krishnakumar, Bangalore

You were very

You were very flexible about last minute changes to the order, and very prompt to ship the items. No bad experience whatsoever.
-- Chirag Kantharia, Bangalore

Binary World

Binary World … a dream come true !! For the SAME BUDGET, a raw IT amateur like me....easily built a "Dream Desktop"... with much more ADVANCED CAPACITIES than Branded PC’s in the market. It was exciting and adventurous....a dream fulfilled !!!

Mr. Amit Khanna was extremely COOPERATIVE AND MOST PROMPT in all transactions(Technical advice and Costing advice). Got the PC overnight safely. is a MUST visit site for anything and everything having to do with computers and allied peripherals.

Thanks to iTerials... I am already planning improvements to my PC….....just waiting for my budget.
Best Wishes to Mr Amit Khanna ,iTerials and
Commander Nanda Parrat, Karwar

Quite a sizeable

Quite a sizeable inventory AND online store, at very reasonable rates: this is very hard to find in Bangalore. NEFT/IMPS payment options are good - no need for cash or extra tax on card swipes. After-sales support is surprisingly good.
-- Karn Kaul, Bangalore

Simply Superb Experience

Simply Superb Experience, Ultrafast Delivery, Customer Service is Awesome, and the product Availability is extensive even when compared to giants like amazon. Keep The Cheap Prices and Awesum services up, and set up a showroom in kerala, we dont have any enthusiast pc solutions here
-- Vivek Subhash, Thrissur, Kerala

Wide varieties

Wide varieties of products to choose from, excellent service, negotiable prices, they provide good guidance in selection if you are a newbee, free home delivery.
-- Santhosh Kumar, Bangalore

Thanks for the service

Thanks for the service provided by bwindia and also for its objective of making the computers available to even the common people. The flexibility you have provided enables one to obtain the right quality to price ratio. Wide range of components, ranging from very low to very high in terms of both cost and quality, allows one to select as per their needs and affordability.

I appreciate the names that have been chosen, for reflecting the greatness of Indian heritage.
-- Prashanth Reddy, Bangalore

.. They are very

.. They are very honest and take positive feedback from customers and give competitive prices. If you find any item cheaper on any Indian website, just tell them and price will be matched or even lowered !! Especially useful for people in Bangalore. Hope this info helps!! ..
Kageiit @

Check out

Check out Binary World is an IT store in Indiranagar and I've used their website before. The prices are the lowest I've found in Bangalore and the website is always up to date.
-- deepakkumarb22 @

It was a good experience

It was a good experience with Binary World. You guys were of great help right from choosing the components till getting it delivered and assembling at my home all at a reasonable price. Will definitely recommend for anyone who wants to build their own workstation.
Linto Paul, Bangalore

A very responsive team

A very responsive team I found in you.
Received the order as I had dreamed of timely and in a very good condition.
I was a bit worried about the monitor when I was informed that UPS and Monitor are packed in the same box. But nothing happened to any of them, thanks to the good packaging.
-- NAGENDRA CHOUDHARY, Bilaspur, Chattisgarh

Very good experience

Very good experience with Binary world today. This feedback is typed from the new computer I assembled now :). I placed the order last night and got a prompt call back from Amit Ji in the morning confirming the order. Once I transferred the funds online the order was immediately shipped and I received by 4 PM. Truely appreciate your personal communication, attention to detail and prompt delivery. I am very happy with the service. This beats eBay, Amazon, Flipkart etc. I will come back to Binary world more often for my computing needs. I used to be a regular customer when BW was in Indiranagar. Once it shifted, I could not go to SP road regularly due to traffic issues. This online service is superb. Keep up the good work and I am sure you will win many customers.
-- Siddharth Singh, Bangalore

You have good response time

Thank you very much for sending all the parts so quickly and good condition. I think I would still be waiting for parts if you hadn't sent through SeaBird (you were right about shipping them that day using SeaBird).

I found everything in the original packing so I am happy to see that.

You have really good technical knowledge, I must say I've never ever met a dealer who has this much knowledge and keeps track of model numbers. :)

You have good response time and provide really good pricing.

So, I will be always happy to deal with you when it's feasible.

-- Ashish Pingle, Mumbai

Level of Customer Service

I was in your store yesterday to buy a 1kv ups.
I want to say your level of customer service is unseen anywhere else in India.
-- Manu Muraleedharan, Bangalore

Awesome service,very fast delivery,genuine products

Awesome service,very fast delivery,genuine products,thank you very much :D
-- Adarsh VR, Bangalore