Ratan Tata - A Patriotic Industrialist


A Living Legend, A True Patriotic Indian, An Iconic and Honest Businessman, he seems to have kept his Country's Interests in the First Place. He and his family has Ventured in What was required by their Country and it's Countrymen at various times, keeping their financial capacities - affordability in mind. Be it Steel Factory few decades ago, Tata Heavy duty Vehicles, Tata Salt - many more, and lately Tata Nano and Now this Purifier.

"Ratan Tata Launches Water Purifier under Rs.1000 which operates without electricity, what most Indian Villages find hard to get or afford, yet after sixty years of Freedom" News 7th December 2009.

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No one is Perfect in Each and Every Aspect. Do We need Mr.Perfect for Us to Like someone. Kya Thoda Imperfect Yet Having Many Many Strong Aspects not Do ? I mean, We want Arvind Kejriwal to be Perfect !! He must have done something that you would never approve, but with that, Has he nullified Those So Many More things that he did Right ?

A Few People Find Fault in Baba Ramdev, Anna and Even in Rajiv Dixit ? Do We Want to See Only Bollywood or Cricket Celebrities as Our Social Heroes Who Endorse Junk Food, Alcohol and just anything ridiculous for a Fee?

When Will we Ignore a few imperfections of Our Real Heroes Like Subramian Swami - Praise them Wholeheartedly and Elevate them Higher Enough, for Our New Generations to Find a Role Model in Them.