Radha Swami

Ever Wonder What The Great Game, We are Part of, is ? Indians have done Lot's of Work in this Direction for thousands of Years Now. Search of The God, The Ultimate Power, The Game, Who Am I, What is All Around Me, Where Have I Come, Where Do we All Go, Why We Come, Why We do what we do and so on, are the Various Facets of the Game One plays with eyes closed.

They Discovered that all this begin with a Sound, 'Anhad Shabad' as Guru Nanak Dev Ji Called it in 'Sri Guru Granth Sahid', 'Om' as it is Understood by many, Or 'Nida-i-Asmani' Voice of Heaven or 'Kalma' as interpreted in Islam.


Jaimal Singh, A Young Boy of 12 years from Punjab, eager to know the answers, started playing this Game. He Studied 'Guru Granth Sahib' at home and understood that he has to find a Living Guru who Practices the Ultimate Sound Principle, The Anhad Shabad or The Anhad Naad. He started the Search for a Perfect Master as per the description in the Guru Granth Sahib, undergoing a long and arduous journey around northern India from age fifteen to seventeen. Finally, in Swamiji Shiv Dayal Singh of Agra, he found his Satguru.

'Radha' means 'Atma' - The Soul, and 'Swami' or the Lord, Being 'Radha Swami' means to be 'The Lord of One's Soul'. 'Anhad Naad' The Ultimate Sound, Can only be Given By A Guru to The Deserving Disciple Personally. In This Process The Guru grants 'Naam' to The Disciple.

Guru Decides if the Disciple Deserves to be Granted Naam or Not. With Constant Practice of 'Naam' The Disciple discovers The Ultimate Power, and Unifies with the One and Only One, i.e., The God.

Jaimal Singh Ji started Enlightening Others Who deserved. Guru's who succeeded him have continued enlighten tens of thousands of Human Lives.

They do not publicize themselves as they understand who deserves to know them - will come to them.

We Recommend Reading their Book - Dharti Par Swarg for more information.