Know Intel Motherboard

Intel Motherboard or Main board for Your PC

Motherboard is The Main Circuit Board where all other parts like CPU, Memory, Hard disk, Monitor, Keyboard etc. Plug. It FACILITATES or ENSURES all PC components COMMUNICATE with Each Other. An Expensive Main Board has space for more memory, more ports or slots for connecting more number of devices, has more robust capacitors. Inexpensive ones are okay for normal use like an office pc or internet pc.


So Called Branded PC's often Use Lesser Known Cheap Main boards yet price them at rates of Expensive ones. Here You Have an option of Selecting an Higher End Board at it's actual price tag. As a Rule of Thumb, More Expensive One will have More Features. It is Exciting to Learn their features, do it if you are not in hurry and curious enough to dedicate time it takes. Otherwise, Just select two or three of them, add to your cart and later ask us to keep the best option in your order and remove rest.

Minimum that you need to know to select one of them is that It has a Socket where you fix CPU. CPU has male pins (like design) wherein Mainboard has Female Sockets where those cpu pin are inserted and both start communicating. CPU Socket (or Pin) Type and Motherboard Socket Type Should Match (obviously) so that CPU is able to fit in The Motherboard's CPU Socket.

So before we select a motherboard, We will simply read the name of the CPU - last few words will tell us what socket it is. The Socket Name is preceded by The word Socket like Socket 1150 in the CPU name means This CPU needs 1150 Socket in the motherboard to Sit over.

CPU Socket Type for Intel spells like LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, LGA1366, LGA2011, LGA2011 V3 etc.

Motherboard sits inside the Computer Cabinet or Computer Case with the help of around 6 to 8 screws.