Jadi Booti No.1

We All Notice Corruption Everywhere around Us. It has Gradually Cropped Up from nowhere. And It can disappear in the same manner as well.

What We Not Find Any Mention anywhere about is A Sense of Gratitude towards The Land Kept Our First Feet On - A Feeling of Our Duty to Our Society and Fellow Citizens. Routine Takes Over very early in Our Life as a child and We Start Living Like Robots Someday. Nationalist Talks are Seen In a Few Rarely Seen Old Movies.

One Remedy - However Dramatic It may look like - Is Capable of Hitting Deep In The Conscious Of We Indians and Move Our Energies and Thought Process to Include Our Nation First In Whatever Job, Profession or Business We are Engaged In.

We Are Going to Mix
a) Our National Song
b) Soul Share
c) Mass Companionship
d) Available Resources
e) Event Management Capabilities


Just Imagine .... For 6 Minutes Everyday ..... morning

Every day morning .. say around 7.29 am .. For exactly ONE MINUTE There is No TV Signal .. No Mobile Signal .. No Radio Channel .. No Internet Connectivity.

All Buses plying on the Road ... Stop where they are .. so do all traffic on all the roads ... across india ...

Anyone and Everyone - Doing Anything ... Stops doing it ........ Stands still - in Attention

Exactly at 7.30am - All Channels - radio, TV, internet etc. start Operating - All Playing our National Song - वन्दे मातरम.

Across India From Kashmir to Kanya kumari to Andaman to Arunanchal --- Everyone Stands Up - and Participates in National Song. Sing it Or Just Enjoy it.

This One Medicine - taken everyday - Just Few months - will Reduce - Our Corruption, Indiscipline, Chalta hai attitude and Will significantly Enhance Patriotism, Honesty and a Will n Wish to Work for The Country First - before oneself.

We Are a Great Nation but Broken in Pieces. We happen to Live together But We do not think Together.

We Lack Unity. And rarely We Breathe together. Living few moments everyday - together - with Everyone in Our Mother land -- aha -- what a feeling it gives...

This One Act - has the Power to Connect Us to the Likes of Sardar Patel, Bhagat Singh, Subhash Chandra Bose ....

The Person Who has sung or participated in The Great Waves of Vande Maatram cannot involve himself in Corruption, even if he does for sometime will definitely not be able to do it for long. We, as a society take more time but will fall in place ultimately.

What You Say ?