I want to Upgrade my PC. What do i do?

First of all, decide what you want to upgrade. Generally, You Need to Upgrade your PC for SPEED, STORAGE, MEMORY CAPACITY, GRAPHICS or an Add On like a Printer or DVD Writer.

If your PC is SLOW you may need to Upgrade your CPU. For MORE storage capacity You Need another Hard disc Drive. To Make MORE Applications OPEN and RUN Faster, You Need More Memory in Your PC.

To Make Your System Run Hi-end Games or Graphics Intensive applications - You will require a Graphics or Display Card.

After You have Identified what is it you will need to Upgrade to meet your needs, Simply Replace that component. Buy Fresh One and Install it. Ask for an Engineer to Help if You are not able to Install it Yourself. You Might Need to Just Consult an Engineer or May seek his Visit to do the Needful at your Place.

For adding Another Device such as Blue Ray Writer, a DVD Writer, Printer, Scanner etc. You Need to Just Buy it, Plug it in Your PC, Install accompanying Driver CD and It's DONE - Ready to Use!!

Do it Yourself - You Will Love it.