I want to buy new computer, how do I buy from your website ?

You Shall find a Link named "Build Your PC Yourself" on right hand side top corner of the homepage, this link will take you The Page "Build Your PC or a Small Network Yourself" and you can now start configuring your PC yourself.

This page provides you various options of The Type of PC that you want to build and a few tips to get started. Read This page carefully and select one of the various options provided and the related component's (Processors) page will load with Prices.

Select the processor that you want to buy for your pc, add this to your cart. You may add 2 or more also if you are not sure (Remove unwanted later) and scroll south the page to find a link to go to next component.

Select next component in the same fashion that you selected the processor, then go the next page and keep selecting all the components that you want to Add to your PC Configuration.

Add more than one of any / all components if you are not able to decide immediately, you can always remove unwanted ones from your cart later.

Finally, Open your cart, do whatever changes that you wish to do and submit the order. If you have any doubts, mention that in "The Order Comments Box" in the checkout page. You may also mention if you want all the order as components or duly assembled.

You will not be asked to do any payment at this stage, On Submission of the order, First we will confirm the order, do changes if required, seek your approval and if you are okay, we will ask you to Pay and on receipt the order shall process.