I want to buy an assembled PC, how do i go about it?

There are Two Steps and You have A System (PC) of Your Choice Up and Running Smoothly on Your Desktop.

1. Select Components
2. Assemble The PC
(Do it Yourself, Get it Assembled by a friend or Ask us to do it)

1. Select Components

Use these pages to select, add components to your cart. You shall find enough help to do so, You can do it easily even if you are a novice.

2. Assemble The PC

Do it Yourself

Watch You tube videos on topic "how to assemble a computer" till you are confident enough to do it yourself. It is a Learning Experience that not only enrich you but also makes you Independent.

Let someone do it if you are not comfortable or don't have interest or time for the same. Look around for a friend or ask us to do it professionally.

Get it Assembled by a friend

You may ask your tech savvy friend if he would build the system for you. You may save some money and spend some quality time with your friend this way.

Get it Done by a Professional

You can get it done by Professional Engineers who do the job in The Best Manner Possible. We also do it for you. Our Engineers do the job using the best of assembling techniques, do structured cabling, Load Management, Check for Smooth Airflow apart from various minute tasks that are involved in the process.

We take 2-3 days to assemble the system for you. You need to plan it accordingly. We often come across instances that customer walks in, selects components and wants it assembled then and there. This is okay for an entry level basic PC but not for the Good Builds which are more commonly sold now-a-days.

Remember, it takes skills of a professional to build a System well and Good professionals are more busy people than what you may imagine them to be.