I am planning to buy a PC and would like to pick it from the store after 2-3 days. Will all components available when i visit ? Shall i send an email or speak to someone over phone ?

Prices and Stock levels of most of the products are Very Volatile. More volatile when Rupee and Dollar are not in good terms, when their market values fluctuate significantly and often. Given these conditions prevail, most of the time, it is advised to list out what exactly you are planning to buy.

Best Practice

- To do that - using bwindia.net - will be

- Place an online order, to ensure all components stocks and prices are confirmed. Do this 1-2 days in advance. If you do 3 or more days in advance, chances are position may again change.

- After your order is confirmed by bwindia.net ( Order status changes to "Stocks available" or "Order Ready pick" )

- Either
a) immediately do a fund transfer - partial if not full, you can always pay balance later. By doing this you secure your order and pick at your convenience. Products and Prices in the order get freezed.

- OR
b) Arrange to pick your order within a few hours.

* Sending an email with list of components and getting a reply as practiced commonly also gets the job done, but it is quiet cumbersome. You again have to maintain a seperate list. Online order, is just like a Dynamic Bill of Material till you are okay with it.

* Calling over phone, stating your requirement, waiting for prices, noting them down over phone, maintaining a list on paper or excel, incorporate changes manually ..... It's tiring and more time consuming.

* You can also take a printout to be used as quotation or proforma invoice from your end itself. You can email it to concerned authorities for their approvals, share with your friends for their suggestion on your new Rig and much more. All this without having to ask anyone to send you a Quote !!

** We are not suggesting you to stop sending us Requests for Quotes over mail or stop calling us over phone. These are Just suggestions, if you are comfortable, it's okay, if not, then also it's okay. Do send us emails, Do Call us upon for anything and everything in IT :-) We are there for that, always, as ever.