I am not in Bangalore, I cannot avail COD or visit your store, Which is the best method left for me to pay for my orders?

1. Account to Account Transfer : If you happen to have an account in any of ICICI or IDBI Bank Branch across india, You can transfer funds to Our account almost instantly by depositing a cheque in our account, by Netbanking or a formal written request to your bank.

2. Netbanking with HOT Transfer Option : If You have Hot Transfer Option in your banks online transfer pages, You can transfer money to any bank across india instantly.

3. IMPS : Transfer Funds 24X7 irrespective of Holidays - Any Value Any Time

4. RTGS : Transfers Values Above 1 lac Instantly from any bank to any other bank across india. You can use this option over net banking or personal banking.

5. NEFT : If doing it Online, may prompt you to add a beneficiary first which takes anything from 5 minutes to a couple of hours before You Can actually initiate a transfer. If You don't use netbanking or mobile banking, You will need to Personally Visit Your Bank with NEFT request (and a cheque in most cases). Once NEFT request is submitted, it takes around 2-3 working hours for funds to actually get transferred.

6. Deposit Cash : This option attracts a nominal bank charge fee added to your order, can be used on suitability.

7. Deposit Cheque : Deposit Cheque or DD in Our Account from any of the nearest ICICI or IDBI Bank Branch anywhere in India. Orders are dispatched once transaction is completed.

8. Money Order : Good Old Method of Transferring funds through a Post Office, if all that is the option you have.