How to Place an Order on Website? How to Buy?


Important Information for iTerials Shoppers

A Must Read to Get Most Out of BWindia and Have a Wonderful Online Shopping Experience

# Un-Like other online stores, You Do Not Need A Credit Card to Buy anything at - You Do not pay after you place the Order - You Pay after we confirm if the stocks are available and submit you the total final cost including shipping and Finally If you are comfortable - You Pay and We Ship.

# The Prices on The Website are Expected Maximum Cost i.e., EMC to You which is nett. of GST and delivery ia addtional in most cases. The Prices are re-checked once you place an order and adjusted accordingly. You get a notification about such a change, if any, and on your approval of the changes only you will be required to initiate The Payment.

We work on every individual order and give you the lowest possible price.

Feel Free to mention any lower price that you are getting on any other website in "The Order Comments" Box in your checkout page.

We Do Not Ask You to Pay immediately after you place an order & You don't require a Credit Card as well.

Instead, After receiving your order, we re-check the stocks and Change The Order if required with Available Equivalent / Better Option that is available. We put in our experience and suggest you to switch over to a better model which may suit your requirement more appropriately.

Alongside, Acting on any Suggestions, Advise, Tip that you might have sought using "Order Comments" while placing The order is taken care and Order is Modified to incorporate necessary changes, You are Notified to Approve the changes before The Order is Finalized.

This Process ensures, You order is optimized enough to meet your requirement in the best possible manner and Your Money is Invested Properly.

After You Review the order and need no more changes and fully satisfied with what you are buying, The order status will change to "Payment Awaited", Now You may transfer funds by any of the means as specified here How To Pay

An Order at is Like Sharing Your Intention to Buy with BW. You Can select everything in a cart, submit it, we get it here, you call us, we open your order here and we discuss if contents of the order can be improved. Better Configuration, Lesser Price component, Yet Bigger Monitor or anything else that you want to incorporate in your order and Sync it to your taste, budget and needs.

An Order becomes a shared workplace for both of us and we use our experience to help you get the most out of your purchase.

Our Advise biased to an extent that Your Purchase shall meet your Requirement and fit in your budget as well.

We carry no understanding with any brand as far as selling their product is concerned, We sell All IT Brands, irrespective of their Quality, Price or Technological Dominance. If a product is cheap and not good quality, we do not hesitate to say so and leave it to you to buy it or drop. You can expect an unbiased view of our understanding and utilize it in your favor.

We will also recommend you to not to solely depend on our recommendation or advise. Google the product, check out reviews, benchmarks and your circle wherever necessary.

We strongly opine that You do not buy Expensive Gadgets everyday, so little delay in deciding shall be welcome, the outcome must be a Good Optimum Buy.

First Step : Select Product(s)
Select what you want to buy by Clicking on it's "Add to Cart" button. You will notice item being added to your 'ITerials Cart' on top left of the website. Default Quantity is One, change if you wish before you add it to the cart. repeat this step for all the products you want to buy and find them added to your cart.

Second Step : View Cart and Proceed to Checkout
Click on 'View Cart' link under 'ITerials Cart', Check everything is in order and Click on 'Checkout' button. You can remove if any product you don't want to buy. or go back to any other product to add to it. Then return back to 'view cart' or go directly to 'Checkout' page. If you are sure of what you have selected, you can straight click on 'Checkout' to Proceed to Checkout page where you will select shipping and payment option.

Third Step : Checkout
Select or Change Your e-mail, billing or shipping addresses. Add Vat Number if you a Dealer or a Reseller to take VAT Benefit. VAT number is not required to fill if you are a consumer and buying it for your personal or official use.

Select one of the Shipping Options. In most cases, You will select Free shipping if you want the product to be couriered or shipped to your address. In case, you wish to pick your order from our stores in Bangalore in Person or through some friend you can select the Option 'In-Store Pickup'.

Select One of the Payment Option which suits you most. You can check their details by selecting all the options one by one, and finally picking up one which is most convenient.

Optionally Place any 'Order Comments' in the Space provided to give specific instructions pertaining to the order or to any clarifications, details that you may seek.

Optionally Use Customer Service Information to select one of the options, if you wish to, and Click at 'Review Order' in the bottom of the page.

Review Your Order details and Selections you made at 'Review Cart' Page and finally Click On "Submit Order to Confirm Availability & Price" button to Place your Order.

You will get a messsage "Your Order Submission is complete! Your order number is xxx." This Message indicates successful completion of the Ordering Process.

Now We will Check the ordered products for their availability, Reconfirm Prices & do necessary changes, if applicable and Update The Order Status. You Will Get an e-mail notification on Every Significant Update.

If any modifications are required, we will do them and take your confirmation, If You are okay with changes, The Order stands confirmed. You may then either fund the order to get it delivered OR Visit the store to get it picked up. Bangalore Deliveries can additionally avail cash on delivery facility.

Read About Payments Options or How to Pay