How do i Change a Component of a Ready Configuration PC?

If you would like to change one or more components of any configuration, Just follow this three step process.

First - Select the configuration You want to Modify by clicking on "Add to Cart" Button.

Second - Open "ITerials Cart" by clicking "View Cart button on left top of your screen. Select the product you want to remove from the list displayed and select "Update Cart", You will have the product removed from the list.

Lastly - Browse the product You want to add to this configuration and click on it's "Add to Cart" Button.

You Have Successfully Changed the Configuration for the First Time. You can Now Go to Your "ITerials Cart" to See the details of Your New Configuration by clicking on "View Cart" under Iterials Cart on Left top of your screen.

Further, You Can Just Remove any or all of the Products You Want to change and Add the Product(s) You Want Included till You arrive at the Configuration of Your Choice or Budget.

How about playing around a bit. You Don't buy a PC everyday, what about going for Higher Capacity Hard disk Drive or Increasing Size of the monitor screen. How much will the total cost change? Let us work it out.

Suppose You Want 1tb Hard disk instead of 500gb as showing in a configuration you selected. Just Open the ITerials Cart after you adding the configuration to Cart - select check box before 500gb hdd - click Update Cart - 500gb Hdd is now removed. To Add 1tb hdd - go to it's page by selecting appropriate item from the menu on your left hand side bar - find the item 1tb hdd and click on "add to cart" - message will display that the item is added. You have done it.

You Can as well Make a New Configuration by clicking on "Add to Cart" Button on Your Desired Product from CPU, Motherboard, Harddisk, Monitor etc. groups to Make Your Own Configuration having all hand picked components of your choice in the Shopping Cart. Try This - You will Love it. After all It will be a Unique Combination selected by none else but You Yourself.

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