How and Why to Register


Let Us Do First Thing - First

Registration is a Free, simple and short Process which is used to Create An Account for Yourself to Use on the Website. If You are a Registered User, You enjoy all the Features and Benefits this website offer. Using an account you share your name, address and e-mail id with To Keep this information confidential from public - it is given a nickname called "User name".

User name is the Title of the Account, You can use any Nickname or any thing you want your account name which can be shared with anyone. Suppose you place a comment on the website, your user name only will show up, not your actual name or email id and other details. This is the only publicly shared information when you Register yourself at

Click on "Login/Register" in Bottom Left hand side Bar of your screen. Click on "Login" if you have already registered. Click on "Register" if you haven't registered with earlier. Wherever you click Register, you will get a simple form to fill in your

1. Preferred nickname or user name
2. e-mail id
3. Name and Address
4. Phone Number
5. Password of your choice

Above mentioned Details You Feed in the form Must be Complete and Accurate to avoid getting flagged as a spam account.

Just fill it and click on "Create New Account" button in below and you will get an email with details of your log-in. You will also get one "e-mail validation" link in the same email which you can use to validate your account. After Your Account is Validated, You will be able to Access All the Features.

Using these details you can log in the website, Your user name will only be known to public whereas your other details will remain secure with

When You don't register, you miss out the most exciting features of the website. Unregistered users can only see and browse a part of the website while Registered Users can explore the Entire website and Enjoy it's features like, placing an Order, ask a question, commenting etc.

Using Incorrect Account details counts as Spam and You might be blocked to browse the website from the same computer.