Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Governors Food


Sri Guru Nanak ji used to travel all around the land with his companions Bala and Mardana. Wherever they would go, they would play spiritual music, help people come closer to Godly living and spread truth. On their arrival in one village, Lalo, a carpenter, invited them "My soul is honored to see your divine presence. Please come to my house so I can serve you."

So Guru ji went to this simple carpenters house and ate the food he offered. It was a meal of rice, daal, yogurt and chapati's. Even though it was simple food, it was made with love and Guru Nanak enjoyed eating it very much. Lalo and his wife were very Courteous and full of respect for their Guest. When Guru ji left they felt very blessed to be able to have such a saint in their house.

Also in this town there was a very rich man, who was the governor. He didn't treat people very nicely but every year he made a huge feast to please God and balance his Karma. His servants got expensive, rare, and delicious food from all over. It took them days to prepare the meal. Then the governor, Malik Bhago sent a Messenger to Guru Nanak, to ask him to join the festival.

Guru ji first said no. But the servant said, "He might beat me if you don't come back with me to the feast." So Guru ji went with him. When he was there, he didn't eat any food, he just sat by himself meditating. Malik Bhago was offended. He knew that the Guru had eaten at Lalo's house. "Why haven't you eaten any of this food? You will eat at the house of a low caste carpenter but not my food! It is the most exotic, expensive, rich food, why won't you eat?" He asked.


Guru ji said, "I will show you why." Guru ji turned to someone and said, "Go to Lalo's house and bring some of his food here." When the food arrived, Guru ji got a chapati from Lalo's house in one of his hands. He got a chapati from Malik Bhago's feast in the other hand. He began squeezing the chapati's and something amazing happened. Out of the Lalo's, milk came out! Everyone was amazed! It was a miracle. Out of Malik Bhago's chapati came blood. Everyone was shocked.

Malik Bhago said, "What does this mean?!" Guru ji said, "Lalo works and honestly earns for himself. His wife cooked the food with love and they served it with kindness and devotion." Lalo's food was like milk to a saint.

Guru Nanak continued, "Your servants made the food with fear. They are afraid of what will happen if they do anything wrong and they are unhappy with your treatment towards them." Malik Bhago's food was like blood. "Only food that is made with love is good for the body."

We eat food to nourish our bodies. But if it has bad energy in it, than why should we eat it? It's not really good for our bodies. It's always good to eat food with good energy.

Malik Bhago learned a great lesson that day. Being mean to people all year and then making a feast, doesn't make God happy. He tried to be nicer from then on and became devoted to this holy saint, this great teacher, Guru Nanak.