Do You know someone suffering ?

I am sure, you will be having someone in your family, office, college, neighborhood or circle suffering from some kind of mental or physical disease, disorder or ailment. It could be Heart disease, Cancer, Blood pressure, Arthritis, diabetes, backache, migraine, asthma, frequent sickness and the list could be endless. And i am sure you must have seen him or her struggling, on medication, or in given up state of mind.

There is a way you can help him get well. Most of the time, one depends on one particular type of medical advice, generally, Allopathy Medication system. Which is good in most of the cases, if he is getting well and is comfortable, it is fine. Otherwise, if he is fed up, not getting well, or medication has become a must everyday, you can refer him to Baba Ramdev. Baba in the name raises many eyebrows but what is in the name, if it doesn't hurt you, to the contrary, if it heals you. No, i am not suggesting that this man will heal you or You need to do Baba ka Jaap and get cured. If you know what baba ramdev do, you must be smiling by now.

This man, Baba Ramdev, was badly handicapped in his childhood, and he learned, Yoga and Pranayama, "The Right Way of Yoga and Pranayama", and Cured himself. Then he realised when he can cure himself, why not he teaches others how to cure themselves. He started experimenting on other diseases to the suffering fellows, by teaching them "The Right Way" of Yogic Kriyas (processes)and People started getting well. He does No Jadoo Mantra, No Totka Shotka or stuff like that, and whatever he does Works.

Yoga and Pranayama is there in our country from ages, but, in between for few centuries we were Invaded and Ruled by Islamic fundamentalists and English who destroyed our Medical and Education System apart from the other damages. This hit our learning of the ancient times very badly. So we see many Yoga Guru's but rarely they are as successful. This Baba Ramdev, knows, or has learned, the Right way of doing Yoga and other related procedures. And the Right combination or Yogic or Pranic Exercises.

Today, Baba Ramdev has Cured, Hundreds of thousands of those patients who were on suffering from diseases from all types. Thousands of them were at Critical or final stages, many declared on death bed. They were cured. Instances like a 95 year old lady on last stage of cancer, coming back to life, able to attend a live shivir (camp)! Blood Pressure has no cure in Allopathy, but Baba Ramdev has taught thousands how to keep their blood pressure normal. He has cure for, virtually, every disease, in the form of Various Combinations of Yogic and Pranic Kriyas. Likewise, he has a set of simple to follow, set of exercises for every ailment.

He is very down to earth person, just like a jolly good fellow from your neighborhood. I see him as the Biggest Doctor mankind has produced, my personal regard for him, that is, you don't have to believe it at all. But you can refer that someone ailing you know to him.

Ask the Patient, to start watching his TV Programmes. Rest, the Patient will do himself, and get Cured. He can be seen everyday morning at around 6am on aastha TV Channel apart from many other channels who are actively broadcasting his Yoga Classes.

There are hundreds of cases where patients in Hospitals started watching him on TV and started following his excercises while laying on the bed, and got cured. Who knows, your small advice can change someone's life.

Even if this seems nonsense, or a useless piece of advise to you, following it will not harm you or the patient.

If you can help someone, why not?