Do You Know How to Switch off My PC? It is still giving shocks, it is alive after i turn it off?

You Open Your PC for a Minor Upgrade and Find Still Motherboard Led is On, it's flowing electricity !! Unplugging any component in this state could be disastrous for the component itself, other components or sometimes yourself.

It's NOT Always Enough to just power down your PC from the Start menu. Because modern systems incorporate hibernate and standby features, the memory, mainboard may still be siphoning electricity after shutdown.

Before You Open Your Cabinet for Memory, Graphics Card or any other minor Upgrade, either pull the power cord and / or flip off the power supply's switch (usually found next to the power-cord socket). Better still, do both, then wait a few seconds before working to remove / install memory or a Graphics Card etc.

Remember, You can check two physical indicators to determine when power is actually removed from the motherboard. One is the LED used to show the status of your network connection. The other, more reliable one is the power LED on the motherboard itself.

If You Get lot's of spike / surge attacks in your locality, make it a practice to remove your power cables off the PC box when not in use. And Using a spike buster is MUST, even if you have a UPS already.

Spikes and Surges Travel in Wires even when they are in Off State. Plugging them off when it is lightening or when not in use, ensures PC is not exposed to the spike's smooth passage.

If You get Mild shocks when you touch PC's outer cover, even when it is in Off State !

This most probably because of Improper Grounding. Getting it checked and fixed by a Qualified Electrician may stop this to happen.