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A Desktop PC is An Assembly of Eight or more Components.

Each and Every Component is available under Various Brands at different Prices. Like a Mouse is available for Rs.100, Rs.150, Rs.200 or as high as Rs.5000 as well. The Cost of a PC is total of the individual cost of those eight or so components. If those eight components cost you Rs.20000, your PC cost You Rs.20000 if you assemble it yourself. Get it assembled and add a nominal Rs.500 extra to the Cost of the PC.

We, here at bwindia, provide you All these Components from All the Brands out there at Lowest Prices. These Prices fluctuate a lot but We do maintain them 24/7 and Keep them as Updated as possible at all the times.

If You Do not buy a PC everyday, it will be advised to spend some of your precious time on these pages so that you select the right components for your PC and spend judiciously. You can click following links for appropriate information.

Find Ready Configurations with Component wise Prices for easy comparison and selectionYou can alter these configurations as well to suit yourself.

Compare and Select each and every component one by one for your PC You are given a List of All CPU's first to select a CPU, then you go to Motherboards to See all possible options with prices, select then go to next component one by one.

Read more on why are computers so important Yes, they keep playing on it all the time, but what is it that you cannot live without them.

Few Words on Judiciously Spending Money on Technology Products A Rupee Saved is A Rupee Earned.