Other day i was commuting in chaotic Bangalore traffic and heard an ambulance siren behind me. Shortly i saw the ambulance overtaking all the traffic by entering the road on other side of the divider, which is meant for traffic in the opposite direction. I was wondering how much critical this time must be for the Patient inside the ambulance. And State of Mind of the Person on the Vehicle's Driving Seat. He is also risking his life to save another. A Common Indian Struggle Scenario.

Then I Spotted A Chopper in the Sky. I was wondering it must be some VIP on a Routine job en-route somewhere. How many of Choppers Must be flying everyday in the Indian skies carrying Politicians, Business Tycoons and other VIP's. How many Choppers can be bought and dedicated As Emergency Ambulances for An Average Indian, if suppose the Billions of Black money we hear lying in Swiss banks is recovered.

If one country was not afraid of another, how many choppers globally could be used for medical emergencies which are used by their Armed forces. Or can choppers with Armed forces not be used for civil medical emergencies when there is no war.

In over 6 decades of freedom, we have made harmful pizza available to us in 30 minutes but not an ambulance.

Can A Big Country like India really not afford to safely and swiftly move it's dying citizens to nearby Hospitals. I hope we Can. We cannot be so Poor.