Chandershekhar Azad


Chandrashekhar Azad, often called, Pandit ji was the founder of Garam Dal. He was the first to start the revolutionary struggle with arms against the oppressive Britishers. Chandershekhar a devout brahmin believed that his dharma was to fight for others.

Once a man from his native village met him to intimate that His Family, mother and sister have no money even for food. Chander shekhar was in possession of Money and Valuables they got from Kakori Incident, which was meant to be used for their Freedom Fight. Chandershekhar refused to part Just Few Rupees out of this money to help his family rather asked him that if you people cannot feed two starving fellows in your village, I will come and shoot them to death.

That was the Dedication this man possessed, Such Was The Spirit of Our Freedom Struggle and The Level of Patriotism Prevailed in Our Freedom Fighters.

चद्रशेखर आजाद के आखरी बार इसते माल की गई पिस्तोल