Launches "Economical Shipping"

Feel free to build pc online and place online orders for computers, laptops - will provide you shipping at lowest possible cost - economical shipping.

This is the option, if Shipping Cost is Keeping You From Placing An Order on the Website, here is the Good News, Now You Can Pay "Down to Earth Shipping Charge" to Get Your Order Delivered to You.

Launching - Economical Shipping

- The Process
In Checkout Page, Select "Economical Shipping", Zero Value will be added to the Order. After You place the order, We will Edit it and Add Shipping Charges and e-mail you the modified order for you to approve it. You Can also see modified order on the website thru "My Account" link. If you find the Shipping Charges are Acceptable, You can approve it by replying to the same mail and including the word 'Approved' Or You can directly go ahead and remit payment as per your chosen method and forget about the approval step. (since you have paid implies that you have approved).

Now, apart from Getting the IT Products at the Lowest Prices, You Now Enjoy the Lowest Cost of Getting them in Your hand. This is as Shipping Cost being Calculated and Added to the Order manually which ensures it is kept under tight control.