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Gaming Laptops Main Component is their GPU, the capacity of their Discrete Graphics

As a rule of thumb, Graphics Cards Power is denoted by their Number, higher the number, more the power. More Power enables Capability to Play Demanding Games in Higher Settings. In most cases, higher the number also means higher the heat generation.

Design of The Laptop - Heat Generation Brings Design of the laptop in the Picture.

Better Design means better cooling mechanism, more Vents for better air flow, Aesthetics, Size, lighting and Quality of Keys in the keyboard, Heat around the palm rest region. Other factors include Battery life which invariably increases laptop weight.

Quality of Keys and Battery Life are other important factors

While Gaming most Gamers Bang The Keys Hard hence their quality in a gaming laptop is generally robust. Most High End GPU's come with dual fans which run at full speed consuming more than normal power. Hence Laptop with Powerful Battery is also very important.

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