BUPC - Optional - Operating System

An operating system (OS) is an interface between hardware and user which is responsible for the management and coordination of activities and the sharing of the resources of the computer that acts as a host for computing applications run on the machine.

In short, You need an Operating system. You Can Buy Genuine Windows Based or Download a Free copy of Linux. If You are deciding for Windows It is recommended to use Genuine Operating System. You Can Buy OEM package (which is generally priced less than Retail Box Pack) when you want to install in a newly assembled machine. If You want to buy for an existing machine, You Must buy Retail version only. OEM stands for 'Original Equipment Manufacturer', practically in our context, it means Product is meant for a New Machine only. Vendor saves cost of Packaging and Shipping (since it packs more numbers in same space and weight) so it offers same software in OEM packaging for a new system buyer for a lesser price point.

One disadvantage of OEM package is that, suppose after few years you want to discard your system then same software cannot be used in another machine. But in case of Retail pack version, You can Change The software from One machine to another at your convenience.

Genuine Linux, however, is available for Free from this link http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/download - Linux based Operating systems are gaining momentum day by day. They are a lot user friendly and compatible then ever before as well. You get them at no cost.

If you are used to Microsoft based Software, You may consider going for Linux if you are open and ready to devote some time and learn it a bit (it's quiet easy), but if you have constraints you may go for Microsoft itself.

If you are a Business House, already using Microsoft, don't think of changing anything overnight, instead introduce Linux in an insignificant manner in your organization and see how it's usage progresses without forcing any of your staff to change lanes :-) overnight.

The biggest plus points of Linux based software are that it is always free, you do not require to buy it every few years and it develops your own programming skills, indirectly without making any conscious effort to do so. That is because, in Microsoft, Most of the Code is Locked and You cannot Access, Fiddle, Improve it - But in Linux, little later you start exploring code, fine tune and starting walking on the learning and contributing path naturally.

At the same time, If You have just Started learning Computers, You may start with Ubuntu ( a linux based operating system brand ) and save yourself some time and money :-)

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