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Graphics Card

Having a Dedicated Graphics Card in Your PC makes it More Powerful because A dedicated Graphics Card (Radeon or NVidia) has its own RAM and Processor for generating images or playing videos, and does not let the computer slow down.

AMD and NVidia are Two major manufacturers of Graphic Cores aka GPU. A Typical Graphics Card has A GPU Plus X amount of Memory - both of them dedicated for specialized multimedia operations.

These Cores or Chipsets are in turn sold by AMD or Nvidia to Graphics Card Manufacturers Like Asus, MSI, Gigabyte, Zotac, Sapphire, PNY etc. who using these technologies make Graphics Cards that gets installed in your PC.

The Most Important Part is The GPU that You Select, GPU's follow the Same Norm as CPU for their formatting. Bigger The Number Assigned - More Powerful it is. For example, RTX-2080 is more Powerful Than RTX-2070, RX500 series is better than RX400 Series.

Other variations you might find is set of specific characters attached to the model number, i.e., OC, Ti etc. These suffixes basically indicate boosted or factory overclocked state of the graphics card, that will output better performance. Pricewise, If the difference is digestible, go for it.

Size of The Memory stands to extend support to GPU, enabling it to comfortably execute it's tasks, More is Better, but not at the cost of GPU Power.

If you have option to select between - a lower gpu with higher memory - and - a higher gpu with lower memory - for an affordable price difference, the choice should be - higher gpu with lower memory.

Following are the Latest Graphic Card Series - remember rule of thumb - higher the number - better it is.

NVidia - Latest Series and Models - Suggested Ones

Nvidia Titan Series
  • Nvidia - Titan X - 12gb
  • Graphics Card Accessories
  • Graphics Card Accessories
  • Graphics Card Legacy - outdated

    There are hundreds of Graphics Cards still being bought and sold simply because their price is very very less. They are not recommended but you may like to have a look at them and might buy them as well if you have a reason that suits you in some way.

  • Graphics Card Legacy - outdated - End of Life - Un-recommended Models