BUPC Memory aka RAM

Select Memory Module aka RAM for Your PC.

Most of The Latest Motherboards Use DDR4 type of memory. Motherboards that use DDR4 Memory Modules, have the keyword "DDR4" in their name (or in Description) so that you can easily figure out if motherboard will use DDR4 or not.

Most Brands are Fine, Select as per your budget. As a rule of thumb, More GB The Better it is. Higher The Speed (Clock Speed i.e., 2133mhz. or 3200mhz.) will make PC perform better, faster. Performance PC's like for Gaming or Designing better do with Memories with Heat Sink (Name with keywords - Vengeance, HyperX, Rip-Jaws). Top of the line PC's can be better off with Expensive memory modules which generally have lower latency rates.

If you are buying your PC for the First time, for studies, Internet and office work, and don't know how much to go for, go for any one of 4gb, 8gb or 16gb stick depending on your budget. You may increase it later as and when you need more. Normal Applications are fine with 8gb. However, Games, CAD or other memory intensive applications or Servers Do need More. Generally Desktop motherboards now support till 16gb, 32gb or 64gb of Maximum Memory. Servers and Workstations go as high as 512Gb or even higher in terabytes as well.

Check specifications of the motherboard you have selected to pick Memory Type accordingly. Any doubts, go for DDR4 and ask us to confirm using comments box in checkout page.

DDR4 Memory Modules

Select one of these options if you are not sure which one to select.

DDR4 Memory Kits

Kits contain two, four or eight sticks of equal capacity. All sticks are out of same die and generally sync with each other perfectly. So much of precision is generally required in very high end machines or lab environment. Go for them if you are okay with the premium you are supposed to pay or else just ignore.

Server Workstation Memory Modules - DDR4 ECC Registered - RDIMM

ECC stands for Error Correcting Code Memory. A Technology used in High end Workstation or Server Motherboards architecture with respect to memory procedures.
ECC Registered Memory is also called RDIMM while ECC memory is named as UDIMM ( Unbuffered DIMM)

Server Workstation Memory Modules - DDR4 ECC - UDIMM

Server Workstation Memory Modules - DDR3 ECC - UDIMM