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Hard Disk Drive(Hard Disc or HDD) is the Store room of Your PC. All Your Files and Applications are Saved in Drives and retrieved as required. HDD technology has evolved and become much faster in the form of SSD.

Hard Disk Drive - HDD

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SSD - Solid State Drives

are fast becoming affordable and offer performance many fold as compared to Hard Disk Drive. Go for them if your budget allows. A smaller capacity SSD and Bigger Capacity HDD in a PC could be a decent option. You may also consider to buy a suitable capacity SSD and Skip HDD altogether.

A Minimum of about 30gb of Storage space is required in a PC for storing Operating System and application files.

Solid State Drive - SSD

SSD is Ten to Twenty Times Faster than a HDD. It is highly recommended to have atleast one SSD in your PC, Server or Workstation. A Small SSD for OS and Applications with One HDD is Very Popular Choice now a days. Select Price List of The Desired SSD Type and Capacity

    Small Form Factor SSD Types

    mSata SSD and M.2 Sata are Smaller form factor standards for SSDs

  • mSATA SSD Type mSATA Sata interface
  • M.2 SATA SSD Type M.2 on SATA interface

SAS Drive - HDD SAS – Serial Attached SCSI

SAS Drives are fast replaced by SSDs
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Laptop Hard Disk Drive - Laptop HDD

Laptop HDD is 2.5" form factor. If You have selected a small size or mini ITX or micro ATX cabinet for your PC or Server, A Small Size HDD Serves the purpose. Select Price List of Laptop Hard Disk Drive