BUPC Intel Motherboard LGA 1151 Socket for 8th Generation CPUs

The Latest 8th Generation Intel CPU, Coffee lake Micro-architecture uses 8th Gen LGA 1151 Socket Motherboard

8th Gen Socket 1151 based Intel Motherboard models are offered in Four Type of Chipsets. You Shall Select One of The Motherboard from These Four Chipset Options If You Have Selected a CPU Name or Description containing "1151" and CPU number starting digit "8".

8th LGA 1151 Socket Motherboards Price List

is paged Chipsets wise i.e., H310, B360, H370 and Z370 Chipsets

Select Price List of The Desired Chipset

for Your 1151 Socket Motherboard - low to high level


Motherboard is A Set or Group of IC's. These Group of IC's or Chips are Called "Chipset".
Capacity of These IC's or Chips Decide How Powerful is The Chipset.
Powerful Chipset Makes Powerful Motherboard.
Power in a Motherboard depends on

  • HOW FAST it DELIVERS DATA among Various Devices It Connects
  • What Clock Speed of Memory Module it supports
  • How Many Ports and Slots It can Extend