Select Intel CPU Core-i7 Kaby Lake, Broadwell or X-Series

Price List of Intel Core i7 CPU - All Models

  • Intel Core i7 - X-Series - 2066 Socket
  • Intel Core i7 - Kaby lake - 7th Generation - 1151 Socket
  • Intel Core i7 - Skylake - 6th Generation - 1151 Socket - outdated, avoidable
  • Intel Core i7 - Broadwell - 6th Generation - 2011 V3 Socket

X-Series CPU Range

is The Latest Top of The Line Processors from Intel. The Range has 2066 Socket and The letter 'X' Suffixed with the model number.

Kaby lake and Broadwell-e Range of CPU Models

are Second Best Line of Intel Desktop Processors.
Core i7 Kaby lake, 7th Generation Intel 1151 Socket CPU comes Packed with Advanced Features to Boost Productivity, 3D Gaming & Creative potential - Opening The Endless Possibilities in Your Own Binary World. CPU numbers starts with numeral 7 for example 7700K.

Broadwell-e Range of CPU Models

belong to A Class Apart Category of Workstations meant for Specific Demanding Purpose. Core i7 Broadwell-e, 5th Generation Intel 2011 V3 Socket CPU comes with More Core(s) and Its supported Chipset -X99 - offers Extended Feature Sets, Memory Capacity and many more features That Scale Your "Desktop" to Make it A "Workstation". CPU numbers starts with numeral 6 for example 7700K.

Rule of Thumb : Select CPU with Model Number Starting with numeral 7 (7th generation cpu)

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