BUPC Intel Core i7 CPU

Price List of Intel Core i7 CPU - All Models

  • Intel Core i7 - Skylake - 6th Generation - 1151 Socket
  • Intel Core i7 - Broadwell - 5th Generation - 2011 V3 Socket
  • Intel Core i7 - Haswell - 4th Generation - 1150 Socket
  • Intel Core i7 - Ivy Bridge - 3rd Generation - 1155 Socket

Skylake and Broadwell Range of CPU Models

belong to Top of The Line Desktop CPU Technology.
Core i7 Skylake, 6th Generation Intel 1151 Socket CPU comes Packed with Advanced Features to Boost Productivity, 3D Gaming & Creative potential - Opening The Endless Possibilities in Your Own Binary World.

Broadwell Range of CPU Models

belong to A Class Apart Category of Workstations meant for Specific Demanding Purpose. Core i7 Broadwell, 5th Generation Intel 2011 V3 Socket CPU comes with More Core(s) and Its supported Chipset -X99 - offers Extended Feature Sets, Memory Capacity and many more features That Scale Your "Desktop" to Make it A "Workstation".

Haswell and Ivy Bridge Range of CPU Models

Have Already Outdated (End of Life) yet available - You may not have any reason to buy them unless until they are coming for a really throw away price. You might find them listed here, if in case the stocks are still floating.

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