BUPC Intel Core i5 CPU

Price List of Intel Core i5 CPU - All Models

  • Intel Core i5 - Skylake - 6th Generation - 1151 Socket
  • Intel Core i5 - Haswell - 4th Generation - 1150 Socket

Skylake Range of CPU Models

belong to Power and Performance Desktop CPU Technology.
Core i5 Skylake, 6th Generation Intel 1151 Socket CPU means Power and Performance. With Intel Core i5 processor, Your New Desktop PC Build shall Work Smarter than Ever so You can Work more Effectively than Ever with An Automatic Burst of Speed when you need it with Intel Turbo Boost Technology.

Intel Core i5 processor - Skylake CPU

Crisper Videos - More Versatile Gaming - More Efficient Performance in Your New Desktop PC Build.

Haswell Range of CPU Models

Have Already Outdated (End of Life) yet available - You may not have any reason to buy them unless until they are coming for a really throw away price. You might find them listed here, if in case the stocks are still floating.

Rule of Thumb : Select CPU with Model Number Starting with numeral 6 (6th generation cpu)

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