Select Intel CPU Core-i3 Kaby Lake or Skylake

Price List of Intel Core i3 CPU - All Models

  • Intel Core i3 - Kaby lake - 7th Generation - 1151 Socket
  • Intel Core i3 - Skylake - 6th Generation - 1151 Socket - outdated, avoidable
  • Intel Core i3 - Haswell - 4th Generation - 1150 Socket - outdated, avoidable

Kaby Lake Range of CPU Core i3 Models

belong to Performance Desktop CPU Technology.
Using Core i3 Skylake, 7th Generation Intel 1151 Socket CPU - Your days Shall get a little bit easier With Your New Desktop PC Build using faster Core i3 CPU. Your New Desktop PC Build will last longer and Work Smarter.

Intel Core i3 processor - Kaby Lake CPU

The PC Performance Bar Has Raised in Your New Desktop PC Build. Watch movies with crisp pictures thanks to Iris graphics technology - Seamlessly change from your PC to your tablet for maximum versatility – all using the 7th generation Intel Core i3 processors. CPU numbers starts with numeral 7 for example 7100

Skylake and Haswell Range of CPU Models

Have Already Outdated (End of Life) yet available - You may not have any reason to buy them unless until they are coming for a really throw away price (like less than half the price). You might find them listed here, if in case the stocks are still floating.

Rule of Thumb : Select CPU with Model Number Starting with numeral 7 (7th generation cpu)

Select Any One of Intel CPU Core-i3 Kaby Lake or Skylake for Your System, add it to your cart.