BUPC Computer Cabinet - Basic Range

Cabinet or Computer Case is The Home for Most of Your Investment - The PC Parts

Quality of The Cabinet Ensures How Comfortable They Remain for Coming Few Years :-)

Shortlist a Few Cabinets Purely on Their looks and your budget. May be select a few of them in your shopping cart. Let them be even submitted to us through checkout page with a request for us to suggest which one is best.
We will remove others and leave The Best One in The order.

Apart from Cosmetic Looks, The Quality used in it's structure is very important. It should provide space for a comfortable fit for various parts that go in. It shall have proper ventilation (Don't worry about it - if it is a standard home or office pc).

Just Imagine That The Motherboard will remain Screwed on a Plate inside this Cabinet for a Few thousand days. It will take load of various Cards, cables and It has innumerable printed tracks on it's own pcb. If The Plate it is fixed is Flimsy How will it stop it's tracks to crack. The Graphics card will push it down - If plate is weak - plate also will bend outwards and over a period we might discover motherboard failure.

The Cost Difference between A Basic Cabinet (mostly with design flaws - inappropriate measurements - made using cheap quality materials) and The Good Ones is Just A Few Hundred Bucks. Please Don't Save Them.

Do Invest in The Good Ones or The Best Range if not The Amazing Range, if Your Budget Allows. Quality has a Price. Basic Range of Computer Cabinets are Okay when Price is a Major Issue.

Most iTerials here are without smps, few are with smps. You can select either of them, if you select the one without smps here then you will select SMPS in the next page, or else, you may skip the next page.

Right Click on the cabinet name to go to it's page in a new tab to see it's images - for better understanding of the product.

Click here for Quality SMPS - True PSU for Your PC, Server or Workstation
Click here for Low Price SMPS - PSU for not so demanding - Low configuration PC

BUPC Select Cabinet Smps Basic

Cabinet Zebronics Citadel without SMPS Full Tower Rs.1,140
Cabinet VIP 504 without SMPS Rs.1,110
Cabinet Frontech Glamour JIL-4155 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Frontech Krazy JIL-4153 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Frontech Dezire JIL-4156 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Frontech Jakson JIL-4151 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Frontech Citizen JIL-4154 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Frontech Flyer JIL-4152 without SMPS Rs.1,026
Cabinet Zebronics Jadugar without SMPS with Dual 80mm Fans Rs.996
Cabinet Zebronics Leo without SMPS Mid Tower Rs.948
Cabinet Zebronics Serenity without SMPS Full Tower Rs.888
Cabinet Zebronics Black Bone Zeb-281B without SMPS Full Tower Rs.876
Cabinet Zebronics Blade without SMPSFull Tower Rs.876
Cabinet Zebronics Bermuda Zeb-372BL without SMPS Full Tower Rs.870
Cabinet Zebronics Chisel without SMPS Full Tower Rs.810
Cabinet Zebronics Hyper Vent without SMPS Rs.798
Cabinet Zebronics Armour 2 without SMPS Full Tower Rs.798
Cabinet Zebronics Storm Zeb-516B without SMPS Mid Tower Rs.786
Cabinet Zebronics Slam without SMPS Mid Tower Rs.786
Cabinet Zebronics Castle without SMPS Full Tower Rs.750
Cabinet Zebronics Diamond without SMPS Full Tower Rs.738
Cabinet Zebronics Grill without SMPS Rs.726
Cabinet Zebronics Poise without SMPS Mid Tower Rs.726
Cabinet Frontech Fusion JIL-4056A without SMPS Rs.690
Cabinet Mercury mCab Saturn without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Mars without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Pluto without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Zeus without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Ariel without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Venus without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Mercury mCab Neptune without SMPS Rs.618
Cabinet Frontech Shine JIL-4106A without SMPSRs.606