British Owe Us 600 Trillion Pounds and An Apology

Why Britain Owes Trillions To India

This is a crisp attempt to make people aware of the gross injustice done to India by Britain, the result of which is its current state and emphasizes to rectify this inhumanity. By returning the loot to India, swindled from India during the illegal colonial rule, till 1947, Britain would absolve itself, to a large extent, of its crimes and injustices including the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, equivalent to Nazi war crimes, for which it has yet to tender An Apology.


Had bombs and bullets from neighbouring countries like Pakistan and China as also Muslim terrorists and betrayal by today's anti - India, anti - Hindu, corrupt and notorious Indian National Congress, not been the cause of India's distraction and consequent destruction since 1947, the year of India's freedom from colonial British rule, India would have succeeded in fulfilling the wishes of its freedom fighters. Leave alone fighting corruption, poverty or malnutrition, Indians would have thought about their national pride being restored.

Dadabhai Naoroji, one of the co - founders of Indian National Congress, also called, "The Grand Old Man Of India," and mentor of both Gokhale and Gandhi estimated in 1870s in his book, "Poverty And Un - British Rule In India," that The siphoning of wealth from India by the British was to the tune of 4 million pounds a year. This he calculated from the year 1857 onwards which went unabated till 1947. Assuming that the drainage was an estimated 2 million pounds a year from 1757 (Battle Of Plassey) to 1856 and 4 million pounds from the year 1857 to 1947 as mentioned before, then the total amount swindled would be an astonishing eye - opener in today's terms. Let us see how.

If we assume the money could have been invested at 7.5% compound interest then the present day value of the money looted from India is about 600,000,000,000,000 pounds or 600 trillion pounds - need I say anything more on how important it is for the Indians to rally around with each other and force Queen Elizabeth II and the PM of Britain to return their money, instead of trying to make money the wrong way? If India is today, heading towards bankruptcy, faces poverty, corruption and terrorism, it is solely because of the corrupt imperial rule of Britain till 1947 and the misdeeds they helped direct, by involving the INC, to whom the power - of - the - state was wrongly transferred.

This money was robbed of foolishly simple minded, misdirected and divided Indians...because the British lied to the Mughal emperor Jehangir. They had said that they wanted to trade and set up the British East India Company to meet India's needs, but, actually started building their armies, in the disguise of safeguarding the interests of the British East India Company, which they then used to eat up one kingdom after another in undivided India and paved the way for total erosion of India's monetary wealth, culture and resources. The British thus justified wrongdoing as a means to making wealth from other cultures and imposing imperialism through both war and peaceful means as is most alarmingly visible in the Indian context.

It may be noted that India's GDP at the time of onset of British colonial rule was 23% of the global GDP while when they were ousted, it was a meagre 3% of the global GDP, the culprit being the evil - eye of the British. Also it may be noted that at the time of arrival of the British in India, the wealth of India was more than that of Europe which was later drained out with immaculate perfection. This was unethical, a breach of trust and formally laid the seeds of social corruption in undivided India, something that is tearing apart the Indian subcontinent, even today.

Thus it is fair to say that the British looted the traditional wealth of Hindus, destroyed the economy of India, because it had the advantages of the Industrial Revolution, implemented in the form of imperialism, to its unfair gain and besides that, like the Muslims, massacred the Hindus and Sikhs at any pretext including and not limited to the Jallianwala Bagh massacre of 1919, for which it should tender an apology to prove that it still has some character left. It is high time that the true, conscious and nationalist Indians who have been sleeping since 1947 on these issues, wake up and take charge to set the records straight.

It is this kind of back - stabbing and mean - minded politics that continues to thrive across the globe to exploit the weak, both at an individual and group level, between countries and in workplaces and everywhere else you can think, popularized by the British imperialism then, and the American corporate domination, today. It is important that the English race gives up their conceited attitude and treat their ex - subjects with fairness and respect with a view to build a better world. Moreover, Indians have this one last chance to pledge to reform and learn from their history that the world at large is there to look at it, make it weak and humiliate its culture and heritage and not to help it.

We are leading lives in an age when great things are happening. The English race and all other aggressive races should realize that one may be able to dominate and rob others but not win happiness for themselves or promote global peace and understanding. The future never stops us from rectifying the past so that we can give a safe and secure world to our kids as a gift. We have not inherited the world but surely loaned it from our inheritors, in my opinion.

As a last word of sanity, Indians should realize that in order to achieve success in this, they should be united, honest, politically mature and daring and once the Indians successfully internationalize this issue and the money comes back, India will surely again become a Golden Peacock, a name given to it in the Middle Ages.