Beta Kya Banega !!

Beta Kya Banega.. Doctor, Engineer, NASA Scientist, Singer, Dancer, Actor, Software Engineer, Businessman (kaun sa ..Kaisa .. maloom nahin).


In Fact, Most of the times, We need Luck to Have Our Feet on The Right Path early On. And Often we Repent What We End Up doing in Our Lives, But then it is too late to Go Back and start afresh.

The Hardest Question A Youngster Faces today is What Career is He Going to Build. After 10th Std. What Stream will he be selecting .. or if he will go for other specialized studies ? Most of the Times -- He is Not Prepared to Make Such a Selection. He has a Faint Idea on his liking, what subjects he is better off, but selecting Streams, Career, A Job, Business, Political, Social Work or What.

He is Not Ready, What if he selects One and finds it unsuitable later. This Happens quite frequently, more than you and me may think it to be.

Do We really have it right at that point in time to put this in-dismissible Query in Front of a Family about it's Child's Future.

Suppose, Re-design our Syllabus to prepare a child with Human Skills instead of Filling his Mind with Subjective Knowledge till an Age between 15 to 20, depending on the individual performance.

Suppose, We List Out in Detail, An Online Resource Providing - What Objectives Need What Kind of Attention. Various Objectives - we want Our Citizens to Take Up. Political Objectives, Social Objectives, Cultural Objectives, Entertainment Objectives, Religious Objectives, Commercial Objectives etc.

On This Online Resource, Let us Provide a Youngster of Age 15-20 and older ones, ability to Drill Down The Big Objective. Let us Assume ... In Political Objective...

Why The Need of the Objective, Founders etc.,
What are the Various Methods Deployed to Mark The Objectives,
What is the Structure or Various Organizations or Institutions,
What are the Organizational or Institutional Level Objectives,
What are The Achievement Levels at Various Points,
What are the Bottlenecks,
What is Expected From The Personnel Deployed,
What Are The Various Qualifications Required to Fill Various Positions,
What Compensation is expected at various levels and Positions,
How a Day look like at work - at various positions,
What are the Challenges,
What is Recent and Older History,
What was achieved and What is Yet to be Achieved,
Who has performed remarkably earlier, and
Who has failed miserably with full detailed case histories archived,
AND MUCH MORE .. In Detail..

Let Us Provide, Various Objectives a Nation is Looking at to Fulfill, Broken Down To the Tiniest Detail and Person Performing it.

To The Young and Fresh Energy, Ready to Get Ready and Deployed.

Beta Jo Banega .. Desh Wahi Banega.